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Lynn Berger, Director of Employee Relations and Affirmative Action
518-255-5465 (Cobleskill)
607-746-4494 (Delhi)
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Jan Elwell, Manager of Human Resource Operations
518-255-5514 (Cobleskill)
607-746-4499 (Delhi)
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Tammy Loder, Health Benefits Administrator, Secretary 2


Linda Kennedy, Student Payroll


Donna Magill, Payroll


How May We Help You?

The following guide is designed to assist you in directing your questions and concerns. If you are not sure who to contact, please contact Tammy Loder at 518-255-5423 or She will be happy to assist you!


Compensation: Elwell
CSEA benefits: Loder
Dental Insurance: Loder
Health Insurance: Loder
M/C benefits: Loder
MC Life Insurance: Loder
PBA benefits: Loder
Prescription Coverage: Loder
Professional Dev. Grants: Elwell
Retirement (enrolling): Magill
Retirement (loans): Magill
Retirement (counseling): Elwell
SRAs: Loder
TDAs: Loder
Tuition: Elwell
UUP Benefits: Loder
Vision Insurance: Loder
Worker?s Compensation: Magill


Affirmative Action: Berger
Discrimination: Berger
Domestic Violence: Berger
Ethics: Berger
Financial Disclosure: Berger
Harassment: Berger
Sexual Harassment/Assault: Berger
Title IX: Berger
Workplace Violence: Berger

Employee Relations

CSEA contract questions: Berger
CSEA employee questions: Berger
CSEA employee counseling: Berger
CSEA employee discipline: Berger
CSEA grievances: Berger
M/C employee questions: Berger
M/C employee counseling: Berger
PBA contract questions: Berger
PBA employee questions: Berger
PBA employee counseling: Berger
PBA employee discipline: Berger
PBA grievances: Berger
Social media (use of) Berger
Student grievances: Berger
Team building: Berger
UUP contract questions: Berger
UUP employee questions: Berger
UUP employee counseling: Berger
UUP employee discipline: Berger
UUP grievances: Berger

New Employees

Appointment letters: Loder
Compensation: Elwell
Concierge: Loder
Contracts (questions): Elwell
Contracts (paperwork): Loder
Offers: Elwell
Orientation: Elwell
Payroll: Magill

Payroll / Paychecks / Compensation

Adjunct payroll Magill
Deductions: faculty/staff Magill
Deductions: students Kennedy
Extra service payment Magill
Faculty payroll Magill
On-call/Recall payment: Magill
On-call/Recall questions: Elwell
Overtime: Magill
Student payroll Kennedy
Taxes: faculty/staff Magill
Taxes: students Kennedy
Temporary service payroll Magill
Timesheets ? classified Magill
Timesheets ? professional Kennedy


Advertising (contents) Ewell
Advertising (placement) Loder
Adjuncts Elwell
Affirmative Action Berger
Appointments/renewals Elwell
Civil Service (canvass lists) Loder
Compensation Elwell
Criminal background checks Loder
Extra Service contracts Elwell
Interviewing techniques: Berger
Postings Loder
Promotions Ewell
Reclassifications Elwell
Social media checks: Elwell
Search Committees (charging) Elwell
Temporary Service Elwell


Employee relations: Berger
Paychecks: Kennedy
Payroll (paperwork): Kennedy
Student assistant funding: Elwell
Summer employment: Kennedy
Title IX (discrimination/harassment): Berger
Work study assignments: Financial Aid
Work study payroll: Kennedy
Workplace Violence: Berger

Time Off Accruals

Accruals (classified): Magill
Accruals (faculty/prof): Kennedy
Balances (classified): Magill
Balances (faculty/prof): Kennedy
Comp Time (accrual): Elwell
Comp Time (use): Elwell
CSEA: Magill
Excessive Absenteeism: Berger
Holidays (use): Elwell
Holiday Comp Time (use): Elwell
M/C: Kennedy
Online time and attendance: Elwell
Personal leave (use): Elwell
PBA: Magill
Sick leave abuse: Berger
Supervisory Questions: Elwell
SUNY HR (portal): Elwell
Use (questions): Elwell
UUP: Kennedy
Vacation (use): Elwell


Domestic Violence: Berger
Harassment: Berger
Mandated: Berger
Sexual Harassment/Assault: Berger
Staff Development: Elwell
Team/skill specific: Berger
Title IX: Berger
Workplace Violence: Berger


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    Human Resources
  • Knapp Hall, Room 123
  • 106 Suffolk Circle
  • Cobleskill, NY 12043
  • 518-255-5423
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