Module Guidance

As part of your educational sanction, you have been referred to The conduct Educator Service located at:


Step 1:


  • These modules only support Internet Explorer for Windows and Safari for Mac users
  • These modules also require the Adobe Flash Player



Step 2:


Make sure to use lowercase letters when logging on:


Username: cobleskill

Password: tigers




Step 3:


Review the directions provided and click on the link to the module assigned.



Step 4:


Begin the presentation and follow the prompts provided. For modules without voiceover, click on any part of the screen to move forward.



Step 5:


After you completed the presentation, an email- notification form with appear.

IMPORTANT: To receive credit for the module(s), you must fill out and submit this form accurately. Enter your name and e-mail address: along with that of the conduct administrator: Matt LaLonde.



Still having difficulty with the modules?