"Rock Star" Awards

“Rock Star” awards provide an opportunity for faculty and staff to recognize others at SUNY Cobleskill whose exceptional commitment and contributions make SUNY Cobleskill a great place to work and learn. Ten employees per month are deemed “Rock Stars” and receive special “You Rock” packages that they keep for the month and proudly display in their work spaces. At the end of the month, the ten “Rock Stars” each identify another person outside his/her department to receive the award and pass along the “You Rock” package.

2014-2015 Award Recipients


October 2014

Tammie Conover

Paul Dunn

Dawn Eakin

Jason Evans

Abbey Perkins

Kelly Tavares DaSilva

Denise Ward

Amanda Webb

Daniel Young

September 2014

Jill Brinkman

Michael Cobbins

Linda Kennedy

Lisa Mooney

Jodi Northrup

Alan Quinn

Jennifer Schorf

Winnie Stedge

Bill Tusang

John Villanti



2013-2014 Award Recipients


June 2014

Adam Brodie, Laborer
George Crosby, Professor
Ruth Haugh, Cleaner
Amy Lauterbach, Secretary 1
Michael Losito, Professor
Kevin McCarthy, Director of Athletics
Marcie Reiff, Program Assistant
Amanda Reinhart, Keyboard Specialist 2
Sandra Schrom, Janitor
Dorothy Wilcox, Career Counselor/Assessment Coordinator

May 2014

Barbara Brabetz, Associate Professor
Nancy Collins, Master Teacher/Program Director
Lynn Dunn, Professor and Chair
Scott Ferguson, Assistant Professor
Margaret Grippin, Director of Student Accounts
Karen Hotaling, Barnes and Noble, Textbook Manager
Kim Howe, Secretary 2
Kristina Johnson, Lecturer
Timothy Marten, Assistant Professor
Michelle Shannon, Senior Offset Printing Machine Operator

April 2014

Alisha Bradshaw, Keyboard Specialist 2
Deborah Collins-Madison, Instructional Support Assistant
Jason Evans, Assistant Professor
Susan Jagendorf, Executive Director of International Education
Andrew Lucas, Study Abroad Coordinator
Charles Moran, Professor
William Motyl, Assistant Director IT Services Consulting and Development
Deborah Pernat, Instructional Support Specialist
Jody Strobeck, CAS Attendant
Christina Trees, Associate Professor

March 2014

Douglas Hammond, Associate Professor
Neil Law, Assistant Professor
Dorothy Lawyer, Keyboard Specialist 2
Irene Loucks, Secretary 2
Johanna Northrup, Keyboard Specialist 2
Laura Skinner, Instructional Support Associate
David Thompson, Professor
Sandra Thorington, Secretary 1
Jane White, Administrative Assistant 1
Susan Zimmermann, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

February 2014

Christopher Anderson, Assistant Professor
Jill Brinkman, Assistant College Registrar
Barbara Furlong, CAS Administrative Assistant/HR Manager
Wayne Gantt, Cleaner
Janice Herrick, Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Sheila Johnson, Cleaner
Joanne Lane, Secretary 1
Randy Meka, Dairy Herd Manager
Barbara Sprouse, Staff Assistant
Jeri Ustach, Barnes and Noble, Store Manager

December 2013

Bethany Alverson, CAS Café Attendant
Roy Bilby, Carpenter
Evelyn Davies, Community Relations Assistant
Howard Huth, Director of the Paramedic Program
David Loring, Supervisor of Network and Telecommunications Infrastructure
Marilu Marcillo-Gomez, Assistant Professor
Timothy McTaggart, Supervising Technician
Jedadiah Radliff, Instructional Support Technician
Melissa Struckle, PACE Assistant
Michael Wacksman, Assistant Director of Student Life

November 2013

Matthew Barney, Admissions Assistant
Rebecca Bilby
Elishia Castro, CAS Attendant
Angelika Hoeher, Professor
Daniel Kowalski, University Police Officer 2
Frank Lawrence, Chief of Police and Emergency Management
Raymond Martin, Laborer
Louis Mazzucco, Professor
Thomas Rehberg, University Police Officer 2
Linda Serdy, Program Coordinator

October 2013

Dawn Eakin, Assistant Director of Facilities Management
Vincent Garufi, CAS Manager/Catering
Candy Hofmann, Secretary 2
Marion Hogaboone, CAS Cafe Attendant
Matthew LaLonde, Director of Judicial and Veterans Affairs
Julie Lighthall, Secretary 1
Donna Magill, Payroll Examiner 1
Mary Radliff, Co-Director Wellness Center
Anne Rogan, Professor
George Wilkinson, Visiting Instructor

September 2013

Rebecca Burton, Agency Program Aide
Daniel DeJong, Grounds Manager
Jason Evans, Assistant Professor
Samuel Jackson, Cleaner
Tamera Loder, Secretary 2
Josephine Motyl, Supervisor End User Support
Donna Pesta, Director of Student Success Center
Debra Richards, Assistant Director of Admissions
Jacqueline Selkirk, CAS Attendant
Bruce Wright, Professor

You Rock!