Section H : Grades

Grades - The following list of grades are recommended ranges which are associated with grades for graduation or transfer credit purposes. Each faculty member will list specific grading policies for their courses in the course outline for each course. Letter grades and their grade points are as follows:
Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Mode Percentages
A 4.00 Normal 92.1 or higher
A- 3.67 Normal 89.5 - 92.0
B+ 3.33 Normal 86.9 - 89.4
B 3.00 Normal 82.1 - 86.8
B- 2.67 Normal 79.5 - 82.0
C+ 2.33 Normal 76.9 - 79.4
C 2.00 Normal 72.1 - 76.8
C- 1.67 Normal 69.5 - 72.0
D+ 1.33 Normal 66.9 - 69.4
D 1.00 Normal 59.5 - 66.8
F 0 Normal Less than 59.5 (Fail)
I 0 All Incomplete
S 0 S/U Satisfactory
U 0 S/U Unsatisfactory
W 4.0 All Withdrawal
A student may repeat a course, in which s/he earned a “C-“or below, ONE time only, unless special permission is granted by the vice president for academic affairs. The last grade earned becomes the grade of record.

Grade Descriptors:

A Excellent
B Good
C Satisfactory
D Passing but Unsatisfactory
F Failure
Grades in Developmental Courses - Grades on transcripts and posted in Banner Web/SelfService Banner with an asterisk (*) beside them designate developmental courses. These grades are not counted in the semester credits earned on the grade point average. These grades and the courses they represent may not be used to fulfill degree requirements. No developmental courses may count toward graduation requirements.
C- and D Grades - Students may elect to repeat courses in which "C-" and "D" grades were earned; the last grade earned becomes the grade of record (see Section K for special program requirements). Students should inquire with Financial Aid concerning the aid eligibility of repeated courses.
F Grades - "F" grades are assigned when performance is below minimal standards, course registration is canceled after the course "W" deadline, or "I" work is not completed by the deadline. Students may be assigned an "F" when dismissed from a course for violation of academic integrity. When an "F" in a required course is received, the student must repeat the course. Courses with an "F" grade will be counted as "credits attempted" when calculating the GPA.
Course substitutions cannot be made for major field requirements or LAS specific program requirements if the previous grade earned was “F”.
I Grades - "I" grades indicate the student did not complete course work during the regular semester due to extenuating circumstances. "I" grades must be completed by the seventh week of the following semester for those courses which meet for the full 15-week semester and by pro-ration for modular courses. These deadlines may be extended by the dean if circumstances warrant. Students who fail to complete the course work within the required time, as specified above, will have "I" grades converted to "F" grades.
Students with “I” grades are not eligible for graduation until the “I” grade is resolved either with a grade of “F” or other grade as submitted by the instructor of record allowing the final GPA to be computed and comply with academic policies 11.01 and 11.02 which requires a final GPA of 2.0 for graduation.
S/U Grades - Grades indicate satisfactory (pass) or unsatisfactory (fail) in pass/fail courses, which may include "290" courses. When a "U" in a required course is received, the student must repeat the course. The last grade earned becomes the grade of record. Only "S" grades are assigned credit. Neither grade nor credits are used in the computation of a GPA. “S” reflects a grade of “C” or better.
W Grades - Grades of "W" are assigned when a student withdraws from a course or from the College on or before the course "W" deadline for semester/module courses, or when the instructor for the course files an academic deficiency withdrawal on or before these deadlines. A faculty member may assign a grade of “W” on or before the last day of classes.
NP Grades – A grade of “NP”, Not Posted, is issued if the instructor for the course was unable to issue a grade. A grade of “NP” is a grade of record and requires the instructor to submit a change of grade for it to be modified. An “NP” grade prevents students from being reviewed for degree completion. The grade cannot be used in calculating the overall or term GPA and impedes accurate calculation of academic standing. NP grades are required to be resolved within 48 hours of the grade submission deadline for the term.
Appealing Grades (See Section 6.20)
Grade Point Average (GPA) - The GPA indicates the level of academic standing. To calculate it, the course credits are multiplied by the grade points (A=4.00, A-=3.67, B+=3.33, B=3.00, B-=2.67, C+=2.33, C=2.00, C-=1.67, D+=1.33, D=1.00, F=0).

The total points are divided by the total credits attempted (including all courses where grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, or F are assigned). Grades of F, I, U, W receive neither credit nor points. Grades of S receive credits which count in the total attempted credit but does not impact the term of overall GPA.


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