Summer Transition Orientation for
Students with Disabilities

August 20 - 22, 2018 | Move in Early! Get to know your way around!

A three day session, to facilitate acclimation to the campus and community in small groups, the making of social connections, and learning more about the skills needed for college success.

Sessions will cover:

  • Early move-in on Monday morning!
  • Parent information session on Monday, August 20.
  • Understanding accommodations –developing a plan, and learning how to use it.
  • Setting up computer accounts and on-line learning platform.
  • Understanding the differences between high school and college expectations in the classroom.
  • Learning more about assistive technology such as reader software.
  • Familiarizing students to the campus and its resources.
  • Visiting the community.
  • Building communication and self-advocacy skills, time management skills, and “grit” – the perseverance and hard work that is key to college success.

Registration Cost: $300, paid below with a card, check, or money order.