Instructions for Using WEAVE

Section I: Accessing WEAVE

    Logging into WEAVE

  1. Do not use Internet Explorer as your internet browser.
  2. To access WEAVE, go to, click the Faculty & Staff page, and under the College Resources menu on the middle right, click Assessment. On the left menu you will see links to WEAVE (new) and WEAVEOnline (old). Click on the WEAVE (new) link.
  3. Logging in the First Time

  4. Select Forget Password if this is your first time logging into new WEAVE. Your Username is your Cobleskill email address before the portion. You will receive an email from
    1. If the forget password option does not work for you, you may not have an account created on WEAVE. Please contact the Office of Assessment to have your account created.
  5. Changing Your Password

  6. Once you’re logged into WEAVE, you can change your password by clicking Settings in the bottom right corner of the page. Select My Profile.
  7. At the bottom of the page, type in your new password, confirm the password, and click Save New Password.


Section II: Editing Your WEAVE Project

    Your WEAVE Project

  1. Make sure your browser's pop-up blocker is disabled.
  2. To access your pre-created or saved Projects, click Project in the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Your Project’s name will begin with your school or division, followed by your department, your program and then the name of your Project. For example:
    1. Academic Program: AGNR AGFM Agricultural Business AAS = School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture and Food Management, Agricultural Business AAS
    2. Administrative: OP Human Resources = Division of Operations, Human Resources
    3. If you do not see any Projects, then you have not been added to any. Please ask your department chair, department head, or the Office of Assessment to add you to the Project you are seeking.
  4. Click on one of the Project's names to load that Project.
  5. When you load your saved project, it will appear in a collapsed view. You can click Expand All in the top right corner to view everything or click on a specific section to expand that section.
  6. Click on the section to type. The section will save when you click out of it.
  7. Mission

  8. Enter your Mission Statement for your office, department, or academic program.
  9. Goals

  10. Enter your first Goal
  11. Outcomes / Objectives

  12. Once you enter a Goal, Student Learning Outcomes, Outcomes, or Objectives will appear
    1. Click “+Student Learning Outcomes, Outcomes, or Objectives”
    2. Under your description, enter your first student learning outcome, outcome, or objective. Remember to make it measurable.
    3. Linking the Strategic Plan

    4. Use Supported Initiatives to link to the Strategic Plan, the General Education plan, and Accreditations that are pre-loaded into WEAVE.
        1. Within each outcome/objective area, you will see an “+Add Supported Initiative” box to the right. Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled and select “+Add Supported Initiative”. A new page will pop-up. Select “Strategic Initiatives” toward the top right of the page. From the drop-down menu, select “Strategic Plan 2017-2022”. The Strategic Initiatives will then load and you can select which Strategic Initiative applies to that particular outcome or objective. Click the X in the top right corner to return to your WEAVE project.
    5. Action Plan

    6. Leave Action Plan blank until you are finished measuring this outcome or objective.
    7. Measures / Instruments

    8. Click “+Add Measures / Instruments”. Describe your measure/instrument.
    9. You can provide details on your methodology, including your source of evidence, if you would like to.
    10. Target

    11. Click “+Add Target”. This is the target you want your measure to hit that you will use to determine if your outcome / objective was achieved or not.
    12. Fill in the bold "Add Target Description" text next to the number. You can expand on your Target underneath "Target."
    13. Finding

    14. Complete your Finding and Analysis of Finding sections after the measures for your student learning outcome, outcome, or objective are finished.
    15. After completing your Findings, under Target, select the gray “Not Set” button to indicate the achievement status of that Target.
    16. Go Back to Action Plan

    17. Review your Findings, think about what you want to do next cycle (academic year) now that you have information; think “now what”. For example, you didn't meet your target of an 80% response rate on a survey you distributed. What are you going to do next cycle to improve this response rate?
    18. That “now what” plan is what you enter into the Action Plan section.
    19. You can set the status of your action plan, the date you want to complete by, the budget source, and dollar amount. You can breakdown your action plan into “Action Items”
  13. Adding More Outcomes or Objectives

  14. You can have more than one outcome or objective for each Goal.
  15. Go to the top of the goal you want to add an outcome or objective to in order to add more outcomes or objectives.
  16. Adding More Goals

  17. Go to the top of the page under Mission to add more Goals.
  18. Project Attachments & Archives from WEAVEOnline

  19. Under Project Attachments, you will find PDFs for each year of your Assessment Plan and data from WEAVEOnline. You can also attach documents that you want linked to your Assessment Plan.
  20. Users on Your WEAVE Project

  21. You manage who has access to your Project. To add users to your Project, go to the Team box in the lower left corner. In the gray box, labeled “Add team member” begin typing the name of the user you would like to add. Click on the name once it appears. Once you click out of the Team box, the users will be saved. Currently, all users will have the ability to write. We are working with WEAVE to create the ability to designate a user to have read-only access. If you try to add a user, but they do not appear as you type their name, they need to be added to the WEAVE system. Please contact Abbey Perkins to request that users be added to WEAVE.


Please contact Abbey Perkins, Assessment Coordinator, if you need assistance with WEAVE, WEAVEOnline, or Assessment.

Email: | Office: Knapp Hall 144 | Office Phone: 518-255-5635