Albany Law School

Juris Doctor (JD)


Admission Criteria – Before the Freshman Year at SUNY Cobleskill:


1. Students desiring to enter the program must be superior prospects in the views of the admission offices of both schools.  Normally these students will come from the top tenth of their high school class, have a minimum 88 high school average and will have 1150 Critical Reading and Math SAT  or 27 Composite ACT minimum scores.


2. Students must submit an essay outlining their interest in this program to provide information on motivation and quality of writing.


Admission Criteria – After the Freshman Year at SUNY Cobleskill:


1. Students must satisfy the same criteria as outlined in 3.a and 3.b.


2. In addition, students must have earned at State University of New York at Cobleskill a 3.2 cumulative average and 32 semester hours.


Selection Process:


The applications of those students selected by State University of New York at Cobleskill will be reviewed by the Albany Law School Admissions Committee members who will make the final selection of students for the program in accordance with the criteria indicated above.


Criteria for Remaining in the Program:


At the end of the freshman year, students must have earned a minimum of 32 semester    hours with a 3.2 cumulative average.  It is strongly recommended that students obtain work experience in law offices during the summers between their sophomore and junior year and their junior year and law school.


At the end of the junior year, students must have completed at least 94 semester hours and the curriculum as stated in Addendum A, earned a 3.3 cumulative GPA, achieve a one-time or average score on the Law School Admission Test that is no lower than the median LSAT score for the prior year’s entering class at Albany Law School and a favorable letter of recommendation from the Pre-law Advisor. The median LAST score for the Fall 2012 class was 152.


Students satisfying criteria 6.b. and 6.b. above will be eligible to enroll at Albany Law School for the fall term following their junior year.  Failure to meet criteria 6.b. and 6.6. will result in the student being dropped from the program. 


Award of Baccalaureate Degree:


After the satisfactory completion of their first year at Albany Law School, students will transfer the credits to the State University of New York at Cobleskill and receive their baccalaureate degree. 


For more information, read the full “partnership” agreement.