Project Contracts and Course Offerings

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Before you start an Honors project, you need to work with a professor of your choice to complete the following contracts:



The contracts need to be returned to the Honors Program Director by the second week of the semester in which the work will take place.



Fall 2014 Honors Colloquia Courses



Interpersonal communication and conversation analysis:   How we co-construct our social and moral world.   (1 credit honors colloquium)


We construct conversations throughout our entire day. We say hello to a stranger, we text our best friend, we write an email to our employer, we even argue with our romantic partner. As conversationalists, we are able to do this from learned and repeated behaviors. From a very early age we are asked to participate in interpersonal communication, most of which contains conversations. This class will break down these interactions to their basic building blocks, which in turn will allow us to see the genesis of our co-created social and moral order. The use of language is key to the sustenance and growth of our society. We will cover topics including interpersonal interaction, intercultural interaction, conversation analysis, health communication, political communication and business (organizational) communication.


“A” sections  Wednesdays 9:00- 9:50  am   OR 
“B” sections:  Mondays 2:00-2:50 pm  
Professor Sean Kingsbury