Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Honors Program requirements?


  • Must complete all degree requirements.
  • Maintain full-time status and GPA of at least  3.5 each semester.
  • At least one HONORS course must be successfully completed each semester.
  • For Associate’s degree, at least 9 honors credits including:
      - At least 2 colloquia and
      - An Honors Capstone Project
  • For Bachelor’s degrees, at least 18 honors credits including:
      - At least 4 colloquia and
      - The Honors Capstone Project.

NOTE:  All Honors courses count towards completion of your program at Cobleskill (i.e. you do not take “extra” courses.)



What are the benefits of being in the Honors Program?


  • Honors Program students can register on the FIRST day of course selection period. This insures first choice of courses, days & times, and professors for all Honors students' classes.
  • Honors Program Graduate status is designated on transcript upon successful completion of degree program. This, of course, will help in transfer to other institutions and in competition for jobs. Also, each individual honors course is designated on transcript.
  • Honors courses & colloquia place you one-to-one and in small group settings with professors who have specialties that match your interests. This may result in connections and references from professors to help transfer or search for a job your field.
  • Honors students learn and socialize with other students who share your strong interest in academic success.



What are some of the perks of being in the Honors Colloquia?  


  • Small classes with less than 10 students
  • One-on-one interaction with professors
  • A more interdisciplinary experience



Do I have to take an Honors Colloquium every semester?


You need to do some Honors work each semester. However, it can be as little as a 1 credit colloquia.



What if I want to study abroad? Will that count as an honors course?


We encourage our Honors students to become well rounded citizens of the world. Study abroad is a great opportunity to do this. A study abroad class may also count as an Honors Designation course or even a Capstone Project.



What else does the Honors Program have to offer?


The Honors Program also offers special events such as our Lunch and Learn series where a guest is brought in to enlighten students on scholarships study abroad opportunities.


We also have social activities including field trips and dinners.



Is the Honors Program more work?


"Honors" does not translate as "more work" or "harder." It is a different type of work and learning experience. Honors work helps students think critically and delve deeper into their field of study.



What skills will I cultivate in the Honors Program?


  • The ability to think critically and make connections out in the world
  • Skills in inquiry, written and oral communication, teamwork and problem solving
  • Ability to work individually on a research project with professors in your field of interest



Can I transfer into the Honors Program?


Yes, if you transfer into a SUNY Cobleskill Bachelor's degree program with 60 or more credits and a 3.5 overall GPA; you only need to complete 9 credits of Honors Work at Cobleskill.