Food Systems & Technology (BT)

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Program Highlights

>> A truly multidisciplinary experience with award winning faculty from Agricultural
Business Management, Culinary Arts, Agricultural Engineering and Natural Sciences programs.

>> A campus used as a living agricultural laboratory complete with working processing,
animal, crop and agricultural engineering operations.

>> A curriculum designed with food industry professionals in mind that prepares
students for lucrative careers in food production, processing and marketing advocacy and
public service; food brokerage; and food system entrepreneurship.

>> Food Systems & Tech internships lead directly to careers with some of the globe's
most prominent food system players.

>> Travel and networking opportunities with agricultural leaders annually from
New York to China.

>> Excellent preparation for graduate education in agricultural education, business
administration, ag/food science or sustainability with our specialized advisement tracks.

Why Food Systems?

The global food system is rapidly changing and so is the demand for professionals who understand the processes, businesses and policies that get food from farm to plate all
over the world.

The design of a food system directly impacts diet, disease, economic development, business viability, air and water quality and the capacity of resources to feed and fuel growing populations. Students in SUNY Cobleskill's newest baccalaureate program will learn about food systems as they exist around the world and the technologies that are critical to efficiently and effectively produce, process, and
distribute food.

The program is comprised of four academic cores: sustainability, food policy and law, food production and science, and food business management. Through them, students will gain hands-on learning experience in the College's livestock and dairy facilities, greenhouses, alternative energy labs and culinary facilities.


Sample Courses

Through the program cores of Food Systems Management, Food Science and Production and Sustainability, students can take a broad variety of classes in Culinary Arts, Animal Science, Agronomy, Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering. Students also have annual for-credit travel opportunities, both international and domestic, to expose them to food systems as they exist globally.

  • > Introductory Agribusiness        & Agricultural Economics
  • > Intro to Food Science
  • > Vegetable Production
  • > Food Processing Tech
       & Engineering
  • > Value-Added Production
       & Marketing
  • > Intro to Food Systems
  • > Fruit Science
  • > Dairy Fermentation &
       Processing Technology
  • > Commodity Supply & Marketing
  • > Food System Regulation
  • > Food Science II
  • > Ag & Environmental Policy


Chris Chris Duffy
DeLaval, New Zealand

DeLaval is a world leader in the dairy farming industry, offering automatic and conventional milking systems, cooling and feeding systems, effluent and housing systems and farm management support systems. Chris was tapped as an intern for DeLaval in New Zealand, where he had the opportunity to work with dairy farmers to set up, evaluate and troubleshoot robotic milking systems. Because of his incredible experience abroad, Chris was hired as a professional with DeLaval in Argyle, NY in 2015.





Meghan Tanner
Virginia Cooperative Extension, Stanardsville, VA

Meghan’s internship with Cooperative Extension in Virginia was focused on development and coordination of educational opportunities for 4-H youth and marketing of Extension programs to agricultural audiences and beyond. Meghan currently works for Cooperative Extension in Connecticut and is pursuing a Masters degree in Agricultural Education at Virginia Tech.





Tom Tom Latzkowski
AJ Trucco, Vineland, NJ

AJ Trucco is one of the largest fruit importers in the United States and Tom was tasked with heading up warehouse operations and quality control during his internship. Tom was hired by AJ Trucco after his internship to manage their New Jersey distribution facility.









Matthew Pinckney
Helena Chemical, Hatfield, MA

Matt’s internship at Helena Chemical was a diversified sales and service position that has since turned into fulltime employment. Helena is one of the nation’s foremost agricultural and specialty formulators and distributors in the U.S. Products and services offered include crop protection products, fertilizer, application services, financial services and precision agriculture software.



Degree Details

Bachelor of Technology (BT)
120 Credit Hours (4 Years)
Mandatory 12-credit Professional Internship

Admissions Requirements:

> High school diploma or equivalent,
   cumulative GPA of 82% or higher
> Successful completion of Algebra,
   Geometry, Algebra II and two lab science
   courses in either Biology, Chemistry
   or Physics
> SAT Math/English combined score of 950
   or higher
> Cumulative 2.5 GPA for current SUNY
   Cobleskill students


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