Diesel Technology (A.A.S.)


Today’s power market is almost exclusively diesel-fueled from 20 to more than 55,000 horsepower. The need for diesel technicians is rapidly increasing, with growing applications in automotive, light trucking and in the lawn and garden equipment fields. Coupled with the strong market applications to meet the industrial, trucking, construction, power generator and agricultural needs, the expanding technology in engines and fuel systems requires trained technicians to maintain them. Courses in System Fundamentals, Nozzles and Injectors, and Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps are complemented with electrical, hydraulic, welding, engine overhaul and transmission education. Courses offered at SUNY Cobleskill require much hands-on training so each student may develop those skills necessary to meet current and future challenges. Students successfully completing the program are highly sought after technicians with the skills to be successful in the industry. The Diesel Technology program has recently been further enhanced by being accredited by the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED).