Animal and Plant Science Department

The Department of Animal and Plant Sciences provides instruction to students in 9 A.A.S. majors, a B.T. in Plant Science major with six specialized course sequence options and four separate B.T. majors in Landscape Contracting, Environmental and Energy Technologies, Golf Turf Management, and Sports Turf Management. Bachelor's degrees in Animal Science are also offered, which offer students advanced skills in the area of general livestock production. The program focuses upon meat animal production, management and marketing.


SUNY Cobleskill’s 13 greenhouses, 90 acres of landscaped campus, a 10-acre arboretum, plant production nursery, athletic fields, golf greens and turf plots provide outdoor classrooms and hands-on experience for students studying floriculture, landscape design and development, horticulture, and turfgrass management. The new Center for Environmental Science and Technology will soon house a state-the-art gasifier that will be used to educate Environmental and Energy Technologies students. Learn more about the Campus Gardens and Plant Conservatory.


A 15-station computer-aided design labratory is available for students enrolled in our nationally recognized Landscape Development program and our accredited Landscape Contracting program. Greenhouse facilities have been expanded to provide instructional environments in the popular areas of hydroponic and aquaponic plant production. In addition, construction of the $42 million Agricultural Sciences building, which will house Plant Science, Animal Science, and Fisheries and Wildlife, is scheduled to begin in late 2011 or early 2012.


Our scenic campus has nearby access to ponds, lakes and forests that provide an outdoor learning laboratory for students enrolled in our Environmental Studies major. Sustainable Crop Production students have easy access to the main campus’ agricultural facility, a 650-acre complex that includes an operating farm.