Infant-Toddler Studies Center

In fall 2011, the Early Childhood Department created an Infant-Toddler Studies Center. The purpose of the Center is to emphasize the critical nature of the earliest years of life for healthy human development.  The Center’s mission is to promote evidence-based best practices for infant-toddler care and education through research, professional development, college course work, and public awareness. Several projects are underway and will be added to this site in winter 2012.

Dr. Gail Wentworth, on sabbatical leave spring 2013, has a temporary position as ‘curriculum expert’ for the Brazelton Touchpoints Center (BTC) at Children’s Hospital in Boston. She recently completed a 3-day seminar for health care, early care and education, and social service providers who want to incorporate the Brazelton Touchpoints Approach of strengthening relationships with families for the betterment of children’s development into their practice. Dr. Wentworth will complete advanced level seminars with BTC faculty this spring, help to revise BTC training manuals, consult on Touchpoints college curriculum, co-present with BTC faculty, and bring the Approach to SUNY Cobleskill at an April 2013 conference and next year through ongoing research with BTC. To learn more about The Brazelton Touchpoints Center go to:



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Dr. Gail Wentworth, Professor

Department of Early Childhood and Psychology