Mathematics (A.S.)

Student Learning Outcomes


  1. To provide mathematics majors with a foundation in mathematics for life-long learning and opportunities in mathematics and related fields. Students should:
    • Acquire a body of knowledge including mathematical concepts and skills, data analysis, quantitative measurement, and mathematical perspective.
    • Formulate and solve problems from a mathematical perspective.
    • Develop competency in the application of mathematical concepts, skills, and reasoning in many disciplines and real-world situations.
    • Become competent in the use of technology in mathematical modeling and computation.
  2. To graduate mathematics majors who are prepared for a mathematically based career and for transfer to a four-year program with a major in mathematics or a related field. Students should:
    • Acquire a core of mathematical knowledge and skills necessary to transfer to a four-year college with junior status as a mathematics or a related field major.
    • Develop effective mathematical communication skills.
    • Work cooperatively with others.
    • Appreciate mathematics as an intellectual endeavor as well as a tool to understand the world around us.