Dr. Peiyu Zeng
Associate Professor

Biotechnology (B.S.)


SUNY Cobleskill’s Biotechnology program is solidly based in the arts and sciences with a further focused and advanced specialization in modern cellular biology, genetics, and molecular biology as they relate to organisms important in agriculture. As such, students will be required to take the major’s sequence of science (biology and chemistry) and mathematics courses. Students will then specialize in an area appropriate to his/her interest and career objectives. Specialization areas include microorganisms, plants, and animals used in modern agriculture. Capstone courses provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge of molecular biology and genetic engineering as they relate to plants (both genomic and chloroplast emphasis), animals, and microorganisms used in agriculture. Advanced knowledge areas include: ethics, biosafety, cell culture, gene identification, gene isolation, cloning (amplification), insertion methods, screening, and post-transcriptional and post-translational analysis of gene activity.









biology student with microscope