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Natural Sciences


Fermentation Science (B.S.) and Applied Fermentation (B.T.)

pre-brew barley

Program Highlights

 Award-winning faculty that collaborate across academic departments

 Excellent preparation for graduate education in fermentation, such as pursuing a master brewing license,
the study of microbiological sciences or environmental studies, or medical school.

 Practical experience in SUNY Cobleskill’s laboratories, greenhouses, and culinary kitchens.

 A rigorous intellectual and hands-on approach to learning

 Opportunities to work in growing fields that contribute significantly to the the economy both locally and nationwide.

 Capstone experience includes co-op, internship, or on-campus research project

Program Overview

Fermented food, beverages, and industrial products contribute billions of dollars each year to the U.S. economy. Industries that require fermentation specialists, from pharmaceuticals to the craft beverage, cheese and yogurt industries, are vital and growing economic drivers both in New York State and nationwide.

The Fermentation Science program at SUNY Cobleskill prepares students to enter a broad range of fields with valuable skills and knowledge. Many products that we use on a daily basis involve fermentation in their production, from bread, wine, cheese, tea, and yogurt to biodegradable food packaging, nylon, and penicillin. Even hydrogen gas as an alternative fuel might be prepared in a fermentation process.

Each student in the program begins with a solid foundation of liberal arts, science, and business. Students in the Bachelor of Technology in Applied Fermentation program will then focus on food and beverages from growth to manufacture.

Students in the Bachelor of Science program will choose to specialize in one of three advisement tracks: biocatalysis (industrial manufacture of products like pharmaceuticals), food and beverage production, or the application of fermentation in an environmental context. Students in both degree programs will gain practical experience with a co-op, internship, or on-campus research opportunity.

Student with fresh brew
Dairy products from fermentation

Sample Courses

General Chemistry
Brewing Science
Principles of Marketing
Distilled Spirits
Intro to Fermentation Science
Value-Added Production and Marketing
Dairy Processing Technology and
   Value-Added Dairy Products

Degree Details

Bachelor of Science (BS in Fermentation Science)
   125 Credit Hours (B.S., 4 Years)
Bachelor of Technology (BT in
   Applied Fermentation)
   124 Credit Hours (B.T., 4 Years)

Mandatory Internship, Co-op or
   On-campus Research Experience

Admission Requirements

80+ GPA
3 years of math and 75+ Regents
2 years of science and 75+ Regents
1000+ SAT or 21+ ACT

Science student in lab