Meet Our Admissions Team

Rob Blanchet   

Rob Blanchet

Director of Admissions

Recruiting Territory: Schoharie County


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What is one of you favorite things about SUNY Cobleskill?

The diversity of students, programs, and faculty is one of my favorites. We have students from all over the United States and the world majoring in a wide range of academic programs! I also love the size and location. It's beautiful here...


What advice would you give a prospective student about choosing a college?

The college search is all about finding the right fit. Choosing a college without knowing what fits is like buying new shoes without trying them on first! My suggestion, do some research and visit a few different kinds of colleges. Campus visits allow you to tour the facilities and meet with faculty, current students, and admissions counselors. This should give you a better feel for what kind of college is the right fit for you and make the process much easier!


What is an interesting hobby or special talent you have?

I am currently training for my first marathon!


What did you like best about your college experience?

The best part of my college experience was meeting new people! I was a quiet person in high school and didn't really fit. College was a fresh start and I quickly made lots of friends; many of which I'm still friends with today!