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Sarah Mess   

Sarah Mess

Admissions Advisor/

Recruiting Territory: PA & NJ


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What is one of your favorite things about SUNY Cobleskill?

One of my favorite things about SUNY Cobleskill is how quickly I became a part of the community. From the first time I stepped foot on campus I knew I would like it here. Because everyone is so welcoming and friendly I look forward to coming to work each day.


What advice would you give a prospective student about choosing a college?

When choosing a college you need to pick one that you can imagine yourself at. Feeling like you could be a part of the campus community is important. Does the college have your major? Clubs you want to join? Is it the right distance from home? Choose the college that is the best fit for you. 


What is an interesting hobby or special talent you have?

I swing dance. I started taking lessons while in graduate school and have just kept at it. I am not the worlds best dancer, but I have fun dancing and that is what is important. 


What did you like best about your college experience?

Deciding to join my college's TV club led to one of my best college experiences. Through the TV club I made friends, developed leadership skills, and got to apply what I was learning in the classroom to the "real world". Producing a weekly newscast was a lot of hard work, but we worked as a team and celebrated are triumphs and failures together. Of course, we had a lot of laughs along the way.