Outstanding Student Staff



RA of the Month


January/February: Mackenzy Jose

Mackenzy has really stepped up this month. Davis Hall staff has had a lot of ups and downs with staff exits and new staff arrivals. During this time, I have observed the way Mackenzy responded to this change with great responsibility and growth. Mackenzy has stepped up to cover extra assignments in the absence of RA turnover. He has done so with grace and humility.   





April/May: Alexandra Merlo 

Alex sets a great example in many areas of the RA position. Alex is available for her floor and makes time to put them first as well a continuously build those relationships throughout the year. Alex maintains great professional behavior while in the RA office and throughout her other time in the building and on campus. Alex shows positive study habits in her lounge with her residents. Alex also bring concerns of her floor to my attention and works hard to connect her residents with resources needed. Alex attends hall council programs and brings many of her residents down with her. For example, she brought 6 residents down to the UPD / Hall Council program.






Outstanding Program


The RA calendar is split into three periods of five weeks. At the end of each period, RDs nominate RAs and their programs to be highlighted as best of the period. A committee then chooses the winner based on the submission. 





January/February: Scrapbook Your College Life

RAs Melissa Pistor & Ashley Hill

Davis & Parsons Hall

Community Builder 






March: Drop it Like a Squat!

RAs Justin Fairbrother, Michael Cammer, Alan Candelario, Annie Oswald, Joshua Bautista, & Gabby Barilli 

Various Buildings 

Community Builder






April/May: Alumni Commons Art Show

RA Gabby Barilli 

Alumni Commons

Community Builder










Previous Winners


RA of the Month: 

Joshua Bautista 
Colin Brooks 
Anne Saint-Juste



Outstanding Program:

Consent is SEXY- Sam Orie & Sean Makara 

Halloween Puzzle Party- Sean Pendleton

Boys Ain't Sh*t Pt. 2- Nick Akins & Devoughn Robinson

Thanksgiving Dinner- Catie Rowe, Matt Aniolowski, Jared Egnew, Alex Merlo, Josh Foust, & The Vroman Hall Council