Alumni Commons Policies

Alumni Commons Alcohol Policy


Alumni Commons is required to uphold all State, local and federal laws regarding the use of alcohol. Alumni Commons residents, and their guests and visitors who are 21 years of age or older are permitted to possess and consume alcohol in suites and townhomes or other areas designated for such use by the Vice President for Student Development. Suite and townhome residents, guests and visitors younger than 21 years of age may be present, but by NYS law are not permitted to possess or consume alcohol.


Prohibited Behavior as it pertains to the Alcohol Policy


  • Alcoholic beverages and the possession of open containers of alcohol are prohibited in all open areas of Alumni Commons (outside of the suite or townhome unit, in stairwells, hallways, public areas such as the lobby, laundry room, and outdoors) unless approved by the Vice President for Student Development.
  • The uses of kegs, beer balls, alcohol-related paraphernalia (taps, funnels, and so on) or any large quantities which may lead to large gatherings are all prohibited.
  • Any type of drinking game (where alcohol is used or not) is prohibited
  • Alcohol consumption by those not 21 years of age is prohibited based on NYS law. Minors must never be given alcohol under any circumstances.

THE COLLEGE MAINTAINS NO INSURANCE FOR PROPERTY LOSS OR DAMAGE FOR ANY CAUSE; therefore, the student should carry personal property insurance, if desired. Suites/townhomes should be kept locked at all times to assure personal safety and to safeguard possessions.


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