Katelyn Milos

Why did you choose SUNY Cobleskill? 

I picked SUNY Cobleskill because it had a really great transfer agreement with my previous college and it made transferring my credits easy. It's also only and hour and a half from home and its affordable.


What is your major and class year? 

I'm a transfer Junior and I'm a Graphic Design B.S.


What clubs or organizations are you involved in? 

I'm a tutor for the Mac Lab, and I'm looking to join the Logos Club.


What is the best meal you've had on campus and where is your favorite place to eat? 

It's really hard to choose one favorite since everywhere has its own benefit, but I think it's the burrito bowls in Prentice! 


Why do you like living on campus? 

As a transfer, it helped me to meet people. There is a lot going on and it's easier to get to class and to get involved in activities around campus.


What is your floor like and what types of amenities does your building offer? 

I live on the second floor and it has a nice lounge. The first floor has a big lounge with a small kitchen and a ping pong table. The RAs host programs and activities there.


Why do you like your RA? 

She is really nice and outgoing, she always says hi and stops by my room to talk. She hangs out with us in the lounge and she's just really easy to talk to. 


Anything else you'd like to tell people about SUNY Cobleskill? 

The Graphic Design program here is a great, even though it isn't as publicized as other places. Don't be afraid to transfer here, everyone has been super warm and welcoming! 


For questions about living on campus, contact the Residential Life Office at (518)-255-5215 or by email ResidentialLife@cobleskill.edu

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