Vroman Hall

Vroman Hall



Vroman Hall houses the Upperclassman lifestyle. The Upperclassman lifestyle is available for students who have completed 60 credits or more toward their degree. This lifestyle allows junior and senior level students to live in a cohort of their peers. The maturity of the students housed in this lifestyle creates an atmosphere where students can focus on academics, getting involved on campus, and preparing to complete their undergraduate experience.


Vroman Hall also houses the traditional lifestyle on two floors. Traditional housing offers a larger range of students the ability to live in an environment with students at all levels of degree progress, from freshman through senior. It allows every type of student to live in a building where they can learn from each other to be engaged and become connected to the campus.



Vroman Hall is a two story building set up with corridor style and suite style rooms, with separate bathrooms for males and females. Suites include two bedrooms connected to a living room area. The suites include upgraded furniture and a flat screen television. The building contains a main lounge that is bigger for larger group activities or multiple small group activities. The main lounge contains a kitchen for student use. In addition each floor contains smaller lounges for floor residents. A study lounge is available on the ground floor.


Room Styles

  • Superior Singles
  • Doubles
  • Suite Superior Singles
  • Suite Doubles


Room/Suite Tour

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Vroman Suite Common Room Vroman Suite Double Room Vroman Suite Double Room

Please note that photos are a basic representation of rooms on campus.
Rooms may vary on the set-up and layout.


Vroman Staff

VR Staff

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