SUNY Cobleskill Hosts 31st Dairy Fashions Sale

March 26, 2012

SUNY Cobleskill hosts the 31st annual Dairy Fashions Sale on Saturday, March 31, at 11 a.m. The sale, the Dairy Cattle Club’s largest annual fundraiser, takes place in the hangar guest stables at the College’s Equestrian Center.


This year’s consignments include 100 live lots and seven embryo lots, and mostly feature Holstein cattle from the Northeast. The proceeds benefit the Dairy Fashion Scholarship for freshmen, Dairy Cattle Club activities and expenses, as well as donations to the community.


The longest-running student-organized sale in the United States is chaired by Jesse Phillips. The sale committee includes club members Kyle Cacciola, Tyler Curtin, Bob Douglas, Mary Foote, Sara Gage, Gabby Glennister, Jesse Hargrave, Chelsea Jones, Kristie Lavaldierre, Anthony Liddle, Heidi Matthew, Rayne Paddock, Tyler Patenaude and Jesse Phillips. The club is managed by Dave and Merry Rama of the Cattle Exchange in Delhi, N.Y.


“The annual sale allows club members to gain practical experience and knowledge. It takes a tremendous amount of planning and communication to make the sale successful,” says Dr. John Tryon, SUNY Cobleskill professor and advisor to the Dairy Cattle Club. “The experience teaches teamwork. The event is also a networking tool for the club members to go out and talk to farmers and potential employers, and is attended by alumni and farmers from the Northeast.”


The Dairy Cattle Club has 60 active members participating in everything from cattle selection and fitting to sale advertising and barn chores.

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