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Online Student Orientation

Welcome to SUNY Cobleskill's Online Student Orientation page! Here, you'll find everything you need to know about how Online Education works at SUNY Cobleskill, ensuring that you have every available opportunity for success while working towards your online degree. Below, you will find several links which detail our orientation process step-by-step, as well as providing you with contact information and web pages for important college departments, such as Registration, Financial Aid, MOODLE classroom software and much more. In addition, please enjoy a selection of videos which demonstrate the advantages of SUNY Cobleskill and the SUNY system. Thanks for your interest in our Online Degree Programs and we hope to hear from you soon!

1. Welcome


2. Using the Cobleskill Website


3. Certificate and Degree Requirements


4. For My Degree, How Many...


5. Choosing Classes for My Programs


6. Finding Classes


7. Important Dates and Deadlines


8. Year Structure and Credits Per Class


9. Building a Schedule


10. Completing Your Registration



1. Welcome to the SUNY Cobleskill New Student Orientation




This introductory session will cover the things you need in order to register for classes and lay a foundation for your success as a college student.


From your packet, pull out the Check Sheet for New Student Orientation (maybe link to online checklist?). The check-boxes will be filled in during this session.


To listen to an audio version of the text on any page in this New Student Orientation, click "Play audio" in the upper right hand corner of the page (make our own audio track?).



2. Using the Cobleskill Website


CobyNet for Current Students is a portion of the SUNY Cobleskill website where you can find resources and links to items such as registering for classes, getting school-wide announcements, checking grades, and financial aid…just to name a few.


The first step to using resources like this is to use Network Activation (https://secure2.cobleskill.edu/MyLogon/Logon.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fmylogon).


You may also use SUNY Cobleskill’s Frequently Asked Questions for step-by-step instruction.


If you have any questions and problems in using ANGEL or MOODLE, please contact Dr. Jiang Tan at 518-255-5869.



3. Certificate and Degree Requirements


SUNY Cobleskill has courses for programs intended to prepare students for either direct employment or to transfer to another university. The credits required are based on your program type.


Certificates for Direct Employment require between 20 and 35 (change) credits and are designed to get you into the workforce, including our Paramedic Certificate and Financial Planning Certificate (change).


An Associate Degree takes a minimum of 60 credits.


To complete a Bachelor’s Degree at another university you will need at least 120 credits. If you select courses carefully, up to 64(?) COBY credits will transfer leaving you to complete the final 56 to 60 degree credits upon attending the university.



4. For My Degree, How Many... (check COBY figures)



Associate Degree for Direct Employment

Associate Degree for Transfer

General Education Classes

19-21 credits
(7-8 classes)

35 credits
(11 classes)

(courses that go towards your specific program or major)

39-41 credits

25-29 credits



60 credits minimum

60-64 credits


No matter what kind of program of study you choose you will need some General Education courses. These courses are also a great way to start filling in schedule gaps, especially if you have not yet chosen a program of study. Some examples of general education course areas are:


1. Communications


2. Analysis and Critical Thinking


3. Humanities, Social Sciences, Leadership and Ethics


4. Computer and Information Literacy


If you need more credits, try an introductory course in your major or an area of interest.



5. Choosing Classes for My Program


Use the COBY website to find the specific course requirements for various certificates or degrees of interest. There are over a hundred degree and certificate programs from which to choose.


Go to the Programs of Study page to browse the program types or use the search box to type in the name of the program that interests you.



6. Finding Classes


Now, let’s find some classes to register for. To see the courses offered, start at the COBY homepage ( www.cobleskill.edu ).


In the orange navigation bar at the top of the page, click on Academics .


In the sidebar menu, click on College Catalog .


After that, click on the most recent catalog or click Course Descriptions .



Remember you can fill in with general education requirements if you are undecided about a program focus.



7. Important Dates and Deadlines


There are 4 important dates in each term: add, drop, withdraw, and classes end:


Add deadline is the final day to register for a course without instructor permission.

Drop deadline is the final day to leave a class without it showing on your record.

Withdrawal deadline is the final day to leave of a class without a failing grade. You will receive a "W" grade, indicating you will not receive a grade or credits from the course.

Last Day Classes is the final day of your classes.


You can access these dates through the Registrar’s Office. They are listed on the Registrar’s webpages under Dates and Deadlines.



8. Year Structure and Credits Per Class


The structure of the school year is broken into session terms that vary from 5 to 16 weeks. In the schedule, you’ll see that the duration of each class is listed. Pay careful attention to the choices you make. Course objectives remain the same, no matter the length of time; shorter classes simply mean you work harder and faster.


For some students, full-time attendance—12 credits per semester—may be needed for financial aid, work-related issues or just to stay on track to finish. Course credits can range from 1 to 5, but the typical course is 3 credits.


Circle the recommended number of classes, based on your time commitments. How many classes can you take?



9. Building a Schedule


Students must meet with their Academic Advisor to create a schedule for the upcoming semester. In addition to having their course selections reviewed and approved by their advisor, the student will receive the day/time they can begin their course registration and the alternate PIN number that will be needed to enter Banner Web for Students course registration area. If a student misplaces their alternate PIN number they must obtain it again from their advisor.


COBY website - choosing your semester, course number and location: Banner Web


Notice the amount of information you can get from the schedule:


COBY website - detailed course information: http://www.cobleskill.edu/academics/registrar/how-read-schedule.asp#


This information is intended to help you better understand your schedule. If you need further assistance, please stop at the Registrar's Office, Knapp Hall, Room 100/101 or see your academic advisor.


The schedule lists the courses you are scheduled to take by day(s) of the week and start and end time. It also list's the course instructor and class location by building and room number.


















General Chemistry I (C)







Brabetz, Barbara


The P/T column refers to the part of term in which a course is offered. P/T 1 is a full semester course. Please see the important dates and deadlines posted on the Registrar's Web page for an explanation of the parts of term.


   The Subject code is four characters which are defined in the chart below.


   The Num column lists the course number.


   The Sec column lists the section designation of the course you are registered for.


   The Title column lists the official course title.


   The CR column lists the number of credits assigned to the course.


   The Days column contains the days of the week you will attend that course:

   M = Monday; T = Tuesday; W = Wednesday; R = Thursday; F = Friday and S = Saturday.


   The Start and End columns are the times that the course begins and ends.


   The Bldg column contains the building designations which are explained below.


   The Room column contains the room number where your course is being held.


   The Instructor column contains the name of the instructor for the course.



10. Completing Your Registration


The final step is to pay for your classes, by the stated deadlines, at the Office of Student Accounts. The Tuition and Fees page gives a detailed explanation of the financial arrangements. You can call 518-255-5539 or email studentaccounts@cobleskill.edu to get started.

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