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President's Letter to Parents

President Terenzio


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Cobleskill community. As your student settles in for a year of exciting learning opportunities, I assure you that your family’s investment in a Cobleskill education will be well managed. This takes teamwork and we will rely on your efforts from the home-front to assist us in supporting and challenging your student to succeed. A Cobleskill education is grounded in Real Life which leads to 
Real Learning.


The 2015-2016 academic year marks the beginning of our 99th year and will end with our 100th Birthday celebration. In honor of this important milestone, we have created an academic and co-curricular agenda that will prepare our students to become premier stewards of sustainability. This goes far beyond their immediate career goals to include the ability to transfer their knowledge and skills to adapt to a changing economy, to integrate technological advancements into their work, and to contribute to the health and well-being of their chosen communities. Paving the way for successful careers ahead, our students have access to a tremendous variety of learning labs here on campus, regionally, nationally and internationally, in natural, social, cultural, and corporate settings.


At SUNY Cobleskill, we are all equal and important participants in creating a holistic education. Our Agriculture, Technology, Business, Liberal Arts and Sciences programs work in unison to create the strongest foundation for our students. Together, we will define our next century of commitment to academic excellence and cultivating innovation.


Thank you for becoming an active partner with your student and with our faculty and staff as we strive to create a sustainable future for our future leaders and for our society. I look forward to meeting you at events and forums on and off campus.


Dr. Marion Terenzio
SUNY Cobleskill President


A Preview from the Student Life Center

Your college students will be starting their journeys at SUNY Cobleskill very soon! Their top priority is to learn and earn their chosen academic degrees, but learning also occurs OUTSIDE of the classroom.   On their journeys, they will certainly find their own paths to success through making their own choices and opting “in” to events and organizations.   Please encourage your students to take advantage of the many opportunities available on campus.

The purpose of having club events and activities is to build a sense of community on our campus.  Through engagement with events and activities, your students will have many opportunities to make new friends and meet different kinds of people that goes beyond those whom they meet in their residence halls or classes.

We have over 45 active clubs on campus. There will be opportunities for your students to meet club officers during Orientation and beyond.  We have exciting activities during the weekdays and weekends.  Attending activities can be fun!  We have a full list of activities planned including: Comedians, Hypnotists, Pre-Release Movies, Magicians, Bus Trips, Scavenger Hunts, Talent Shows, Craft Nights, Dance Nights and more.

Your students pay a student activity fee.  This fee provides for all of these fun events, so why not take advantage of all of them? Students can come to Coby Late Night on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm-2am in Bouck Hall.  There, they will be able to grab a late night snack, go bowling, swim, participate in fun recreational activities, perhaps win prizes, watch a movie, and many other cool activities.

Studies have shown that students who are active in campus activities, who do more than focus solely on their academic studies, and who are more engaged in the campus community succeed more academically.  We are here to help them find an academic/social balance and help them enjoy the whole college experience.

One final note: Please save the date for Homecoming/Family Fall Weekend on Saturday, September 26, 2015.  We will have a full range of activities for you and your family while you are here reconnecting with your students.  We think you’ll have FUN too!  


CAS Dining Services Seeks “Home to Campus” Menu Ideas

CAS Dining Services is seeking your favorite recipes from home be used in our dining facilities.  We love trying new recipes, especially when we can locally source the ingredients. What a treat it would be for your students to find a favorite salad or cookie or side dish when they enjoy an upcoming meal at Champlin Dining Hall!

Please submit your suggestions online at the CAS Dining website ( You’ll see a submission form in the right sidebar.  Include your contact information so we can get additional information about the recipe, if needed. Thank you! 


Finding “Neighbors” and Fitting In to a New Community

The Admissions Office has provided this visual to give a sense of our students’ originating locations.  As the campus community comes together and reestablishes for another academic year, it's a good thing to know that there are others from the same “neck of the woods!”

Click the chart to see it larger!


Pie graph showing the general home regions of the 2015 freshman class  

Incoming Students to be Greeted by Residence Hall Staff

Parents and Families:  The open letter below will be available to all incoming first year students upon arrival.  Our purpose in doing this is to help them engage with one another and with the campus to ease their transitions and develop the relationships that will assist in their persistence and achievement of educational and social goals.

Making the Leap

The first six of weeks of freshmen year are typically the hardest six weeks of your college career. Everything is new. You are living in a new place; taking more advanced classes; surrounded by people that you don’t know all that well; and most likely missing the ease of high school. This is a normal transition that most college students go through, whether they look like they are or not. Here are some tips to help make your transition to Cobleskill a little easier.

  1. Put Yourself Out There Early and Often.  It is really easy to hole up in your room with video games, Netflix, or social media. However, the first six weeks are the time that all students are looking for their social groups. Remember everyone else is trying to find friends too. If you introduce yourself to people in the beginning, it won’t seem weird, and they will most likely be grateful that you took the first step.

  2. Get Involved. There are over 40 currently active clubs on campus. Find one or two that sound interesting and attend a meeting. This allows you to meet students with a similar interest, and have easy conversation starters. If you live on-campus, your RA will also be hosting programs throughout the semester. These are going to be made for your floor/building, and are a great way to meet people that you are living with. Attend them!

  3. Think Back, but Look Forward. Think back to when you first found out that you were accepted to Cobleskill, and the excitement that you felt to attend Cobleskill. Think back to when you found out about your roommate, and how excited you were to meet him/her. Keep this excitement as you think about why you are here. However, look forward to the opportunities that will be there upon graduation. Set goals regarding grades, travel abroad, internships, and future careers, and actively work to achieve them.

  4. Avoid Going Home on the Weekends. While it is more comfortable to go home and see your high school friends every weekend, it won’t help you to make connections at Cobleskill and, therefore, will make Mondays that much harder. Instead, call home or your high school friends to talk about your highlights for the week. It will remind you how much fun you had and reassure your parents that you are doing well. Also, ask your friends about their week, you may hear an idea that another college does that you want to bring to Cobleskill.

  5. Establish Relationships with Potential Resources.  It is much easier to talk to someone when you need help if you already know them. Get to know your RA, your RD, your professors, your advisor, the Wellness Center, the Student Success Center, CASE, UPD, etc… before you need them. It will make approaching them with a problem much easier. We are all here to help, and we want to get to know you too. We love when students stop by just to say “Hi!”  Please do :) 

If you are struggling with your transition to college, reach out. We have all been there, and we will listen and offer advice. We want Cobleskill to feel like home, and our doors are always open!


Will Kelly

Assistant Director of Residential Life/Director of Fake Hall





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