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About Microcredentials

A microcredential is a short program that quickly allows a person to gain relevant skills that are needed in today’s workforce.SUNY Cobleskill actively collaborates with organizations to deliver industry demanded education to build our regional economy and match the needs of both students and industry today and in the future.  Badges and Microcredentials are digital credentials that can be shared with employers to validate one’s skills and achievements.

Current non-credit microcredentials offered:

Dairy Processing  March 29 - April 13 In Person Free

Basic Hydraulics for

Heavy Equipment

Open Enrollment


Self-Paced/ Online $89

Basic Electrical for

Heavy Equipment

Open Enrollment


Self-Paced/ Online

Basic Fiber Grading and Sorting May 1 -15 Self-Paced/ Online $180

Click Here for more information and registration.


*Non-credit microcredentials

Why enroll in a microcredential program?


Demo Badge

Digital Badges Defined

A digital badge is a new type of credential that allows you to show specific skills that you have gained through learning experiences. A digital badge is an icon but it is not a static image. It is clickable and houses information such as the issuing institution, the date earned, the criteria required to earn the badge and the evidence that shows that you have met the required criteria. Digital badges are dynamic credentials that you own, so you can decide how you want to use them. Once you earn a badge you own it, so you may use it however you wish. Digital badges can be put on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, added as a link on your digital resume, embedded in your e-portfolio and more.




Microcredentials allow you to gain knowledge and skills in areas that are important to you. Because microcredentials are small programs, they are easier to add to your schedule than a full major, minor or certificate. This allows you to diversify your skill-set and earn credentials that help you to meet your unique goals.

Badges and microcredentials never expire and are stackable enabling people to earn badges and microcredentials as needed for employment advancement and while compiling them over time to earn certificates and college degrees. The badges and Microcredentials utilize an applied learning approach to enhance skills and knowledge achievement.  This gives people maximum flexibility to gain skills, experience, and knowledge as they grow in their career and complete a college degree if and when they need one for their career aspirations.

Microcredentials and digital badges at SUNY Cobleskill are aligned with the competencies of 21st century workforce, including critical thinking, professionalism, intercultural fluency, digital technology and more. These programs are specifically designed to better equip you with the skills that employees demand and to help you to communicate those skills in the right setting. 


Digital badges are valuable in that they offer more ways to showcase and share skills, knowledge and achievements, than a typical transcript. While hundreds of individuals might earn the same badge, each badge is unique due to its verifiable metadata. Metadata includes information regarding issuing institution, date of issuance, criteria for earning and evidence that the learner has met the criteria. Evidence is supporting information such as: the learner's work, rubrics, course information, peer or expert endorsement, narratives, documents, videos, etc. Evidence can be uploaded or shared via a link. Each program will require a distinct piece of evidence that will be embedded in your badge.

Digital badges can be shared:

  • On your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn.
  • On your digital resumes.
  • In your ePortfolio.
  • In your email signature.



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