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Presidential Announcements

June 1, 2020

Recently we have witnessed terrifying incidents and tragedies that have led to humiliation and even death, borne out of a fundamental lack of respect. An injustice imposed upon one individual in our community is an injustice inflicted upon all.  Our societal character not only is defined by the occurrence of such acts, but more importantly determines our response to these inflictions. If we as a society continue to allow discrimination to fester and escalate into unspeakable deeds, then our national collective does not hold a place for peace, justice, or the ideals of equality. We must be unrelenting to guarantee that our governing rules and practices permit no injustice or marginalization to occur to anyone. Additionally, we must hold leaders accountable to practice unprejudiced actions and pursue standards that treat all people with respect. If acts against our fellow community members are sanctioned or even allowed, this would be one of the most insidious assaults against our democracy. As an institution of higher learning, SUNY Cobleskill stands with the ideals of democracy and believes education is our most powerful tool to safeguard the ideals of a free society.

It is our hope and sentiment that the most recent incidents from the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota and the racist acts of Ms. Cooper in New York City should not continue to define our social character or be woven into a social fabric of bigotry and racism. Our SUNY Cobleskill values tell us that standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who have been or might be harmed represents our symbolic conscience and is the least we must do. Speaking out against brutal infliction of injury is the duty felt in our collective souls. Moreover, acting to change the endemic, socially constructed hatred is the imperative of an educated community.

As an educated community, we must resolve to

  • Keep a constructive social discourse open, and to protect our right to protest peacefully.
  • Safeguard these vital democratic activities, ensuring that they are not commandeered to advance ill-gotten sentiments of hatred.
  • Ensure that violence does not become the preferred choice for resolution.
  • Use our voices in a manner that leads to change.
  • Remain steadfast in building our community of practice that fosters respect for all

These resolutions are made today on behalf of our extended SUNY Cobleskill community of former, current, and future students, faculty, and staff to all who have felt the pain of injustice and who are forced to endure discrimination on a daily basis. During this time of social distancing, we reach out in compassion, through our sense of outrage and in support of decency and justice.

We believe in the inherent dignity of each person.  We value fairness, civility, and kindness.  We listen to, encourage, and support each other.  We seek to instill in our faculty, staff and students a lifelong appreciation for the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion so that we can create a better world.  We welcome all who desire to join the SUNY Cobleskill campus community in our resolve.


Dr Terenzio

Marion Terenzio, PhD

President, SUNY Cobleskill