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Student Conduct Members Board

Faculty members are appointed to the Faculty-Student Conduct Board(s).  Note that “faculty” in this context refers to both teaching faculty and non-teaching faculty (professional staff), as defined by the UUP union.  No less than three members of the Faculty are appointed per year, usually for two-year terms, to foster carry-over with anticipated rotation. A member of the Faculty serves as Hearing Facilitator of each Board. Faculty alternates are also selected and prepared to assist in the conduct system.

Students are also appointed as Conduct Board members.  Both full-time members and alternates are named, trained, and prepared to serve within the student conduct system. Students named to this responsibility shall have and maintain good academic standing and shall usually have reached their third semester of study. Unscheduled student vacancies may be filled by the Vice President for Student Development, in consultation with the Director of Student Conduct. During the early part of the semester, Examination Week, and other such times when campus groups are not fully functional, the Vice President for Student Development will charge such groups (administrative boards) or hearing officers as necessary to maintain the integrity of the student conduct system.

In exceptional cases, the Vice President may serve as or designate a faculty member as a hearing officer who shall have the same responsibility as a hearing board.