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Alternative Work Schedules



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Phased Retirement (Full-time UUP Faculty, Librarians, and Professionals, and Management Confidential Employees)

A phased retirement plan represents an arrangement wherein an employee who has at least ten years of full-time SUNY service and is eligible for retirement continues working but does so under a reduction in time or revised obligation with a corresponding change to salary level; that eventually leads to full retirement. These arrangements are beneficial to both employees and campuses in that not only will campus operations continue to be supported by the expertise and knowledge of the employee, but prospective phased retirees can adjust their work / life balance and better prepare for eventual full separation. 


Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule (UUP, CSEA and Management Confidential Employees)

Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule (VRWS) is a program that allows employees to voluntarily trade income for time off. Staff may temporarily reduce their compensation in 5% intervals up to 30% for up to one year in exchange for additional time off, to be utilized at a time mutually agreed to between the employee and supervisor. 


Reduction in Obligation (UUP, CSEA and Management Confidential Employees)

This is a temporary or permanent arrangement whereby staff reduce their obligation with a corresponding reduction in annual salary. Twelve-month staff can consider working 10 or 11 months, 10-month staff can consider a 9-month schedule. Fractions of a month are also possible, and time off arrangements can be flexible. For example, an employee who reduces to an 11-month obligation can take 21 days off throughout the year, rather than using the time to be away from the office for an entire month. Any arrangements that are mutually beneficial to the organization and the employee are welcome. 

The Human Resources Office can provide additional information on how any of these programs would impact your pay, retirement, seniority, etc. Individuals considering these programs should discuss their ideas with their supervisors so that operating the unit with fewer staff hours can be planned and considered. HR will be hosting information sessions for interested individuals, in cooperation with the unions.

If you think you may be interested, please discuss with your supervisor and email a letter of interest to Nicole Field.