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AP: Section A - Admissions Policies


Full Opportunity – Admissions to SUNY Cobleskill follow the admissions policies and guidelines of State University. The College will, to the limits of its resources, admit all applicants it judges capable of successfully completing a prescribed program of study.


The College reserves the right to issue qualified acceptances.


The director of admissions will inform the applicant of the nature of the qualification.


Qualified applicants will be reviewed without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, or physical or learning disability.


Admissions Requirements – To be eligible for admission, a candidate must graduate from a fully accredited and approved high school, receive a certificate of completion from a home school program which is in compliance with the laws of the student’s home state, or earn a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).


All applicants from Schoharie County will be given additional consideration for admission. Applicants from other counties will be admitted in keeping with SUNY admissions policies for Colleges of Agriculture and Technology which have liberal arts and sciences programs.


Notification of Acceptance – The College uses "rolling admissions" whereby all applications are acted on as promptly as possible following completion of all admissions procedures.


Early Admissions – High school students may be admitted full-time to the College. They must be in good academic standing at their high schools, recommended by their counselors, have written permission from their parents or guardians, and have completed the SUNY formal application. The students will be responsible for completing the arrangements for meeting high school graduation requirements.


Educational Opportunity Program – An applicant for the Educational Opportunity Program must be a resident of the State of New York, must have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent, and must be judged educationally and economically disadvantaged.


An applicant is judged educationally disadvantaged if the applicant does not meet the minimum academic standards required for admission to the College in an Associates Degrees (AS, AAS, AA).


An applicant is judged economically disadvantaged if the applicant's family income or applicant's income adheres to criteria established for Higher Educational Opportunity Programs administered by the New York State Education Department.


International Students – The College encourages applications from citizens of other countries.


Students are expected to demonstrate competency in both written and spoken English by obtaining a minimum score of 500 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or Internet-Based score of 61.


An evaluation of the previous education of each foreign applicant is made. Each applicant must present credentials equivalent to a completed program of secondary education in the United States in order to be eligible for admission to the undergraduate program.


Readmissions Procedure – Former full-time students who wish to apply for readmission to Cobleskill after a lapse of a semester or more must complete an application for readmission. A decision may not be rendered if the student has outstanding college holds.


If a student who requests readmission has a quality point average of less than 2.00, their request will be reviewed; and if reinstated, they will continue on academic probation.


If a student who requests readmission was academically dismissed, a minimum of 6 credit hours of college level course work with a grade of “C” or better must be earned to regain admission. The six credit hours must be completed at the students’ local SUNY institution. Schoharie county residents will have the option to return to SUNY Cobleskill on a part-time basis.


Second Degree Procedures – The College provides the opportunity to earn two associate degrees and/or bachelor degrees, provided the second curriculum does not significantly duplicate the primary curriculum.

The General Education requirements for the first degree may be applied toward the General Education requirements of the secondary degree.  When the secondary degree is to be awarded at the same time as the primary degree, please refer to policy 11.00a, Dual Degrees.

For a secondary associate degree, the requirements are as follows:

For a secondary bachelor degree, the requirements are as follows:

The appropriate internship must be completed if required by the secondary degree program.


Matriculation for a second associate or bachelor degree requires satisfactory academic achievement in the first associate or bachelor degree program.


Students must file an application with the Admissions Office for a second degree.


Final approval for a second degree rests with the Director of Admissions.