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AP: Section I - Grade Transactions


Final Grades - All students will receive grades for all courses in which they are enrolled. Final grades are submitted by the instructor of record for the course. Only the instructor of record has the authority to submit a final grade unless extenuating circumstances prevent them from providing a grade. If extenuating circumstances exist the Vice President for Academic Affairs will appoint a member of the faculty to review course materials and submit grades on behalf of the instructor. Final grades are available on-line. Final grades will not be issued if a student has any financial obligation to the College.


Transcripts (Students' Academic Records) - Students must request official transcripts through the transcript ordering process as designated on the Registrar's office web page.


Mid-Term Grade Report - Students will have access to mid-term grades via Banner Web/Self Service Banner. "S" reflects a grade of "C" or better; "I" indicates the faculty member did not have sufficient evaluative information to submit a grade.


Change of Grade - Faculty has the right to correct a student grade that the faculty member has determined to be inaccurate based on a data entry error or a computational error. Reason for a Change of Grade Submission are limited to 1) Course grade calculations were incorrect 2) Data entry error when grades were submitted 3) Coursework submitted electronically was not received 4) Coursework has been submitted to remove an incomplete(I) grade or 5) Original grade was not posted on time by the instructor. No changes can be made for extra credit or late work after grades have been submitted with the exception of incomplete grades. No changes can be made to ensure financial aid eligibility is retained. No change of grade can be made so a student may avoid a punitive academic standing or to meet athletic eligibility. No change can be made to improve GPA or to meet an institutional graduation requirement. No change can be made due to a personal issue unrelated to the course. No change can be made in order to maintain enrollment, revenue or to maintain retention rates which would challenge the integrity of Cobleskill degree programs.


Change of Grade Authority - Change of grade by someone other than the instructor of record should be in response to exceptional circumstances such as temporary or permanent incapacity of the instructor, unavailability or unwillingness of the instructor to review submitted materials for reasons such as but not limited to sabbatical or other leave, termination of employment or death. The instructor of record shall be notified and copied on change of grade transactions associated with the grade/s concerned including grade appeals (see also Grade Appeal 6.20).


Change of Grade Timeline - No final grades may be changed more than one calendar year after it was posted.


Change of Grade Documentation - All changes of grades should be documented to include reasons for the change and personnel involved in the change.


Course Rebate Policy and Definition - Students who have changed majors, and who have a 2.00 or better semester average at the end of the first semester in the new major, may have "F" grades waived in courses required solely in the previous major. Students may appeal to the vice president for academic affairs for a waiver of "C-" and "D" grades in those courses which were required solely in the original major. The original grade will no longer be used in the calculation of the GPA but will remain on the transcript. Please note, this policy does not change the GPA for the purposes of financial aid eligibility.



Course Repeat Policy - Students may repeat a course in which they earned a "C-" or below. Some majors require a minimum grade of "C" in order to meet certain degree requirements. Students should inquire with Student Financial Services Office concerning the aid eligibility of repeated courses.

When a course is repeated, the last grade (A-F) will replace the previously earned grade(s) and count in the grade point average, even if the last grade is lower than the grade(s) earned on the previous attempt(s). In addition, the credit(s) from the first attempt will not be used in any calculations and will no longer count towards fulfillment of degree requirements. No repeated courses or their grades will be removed from the student's transcript.

While a student may repeat a course at another college, only a course taken at SUNY Cobleskill will be used in computing the SUNY Cobleskill GPA.

Students repeating a course in which they have received a grade of "D" or better should be aware that they may not be able to use that course as part of their calculation for full-time status for certification under the New York State TAP Program. Students should contact the Student Financial Services Office.