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SUNY Cobleskill Institutional Learning Outcomes

The following areas will be assessed within each academic disciplines' assessment process.

SUNY Cobleskill Graduates will be competent in the following areas:



Demonstrate ability to prepare, express, and comprehend college-level material across modalities (e.g., oral, written, visual, data) to increase knowledge, foster understanding, persuade, and discuss in a manner suitable to the audience and the discourse. 


Critical Thinking 

Identify, analyze, and evaluate ideas, arguments and problems and develop well-reasoned arguments, solutions, and conclusions. 


Global & Diverse Perspectives 

Demonstrate global awareness, literacy, and intercultural application skills. 

Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues (e.g., gender, race, ability). 


Leadership Development 

Demonstrate knowledge and skills of leadership and collaboration, enabling students to grow personally and contribute to a variety of social contexts. 



Demonstrate broad knowledge of a variety of information (e.g., technological, print, digital, media, data) and the ability to access, research, evaluate, organize, and safely/ethically use such information. 


Environmental & Social Responsibility 

Demonstrate the ability to produce positive impacts on environmental sustainability and civic matters. 


It is recommended that each program/area identify its own method of measuring those competencies that are relevant to it. There may be varying degrees of competence expected of students in Associate and Bachelors programs.

This list was endorsed by the SUNY Cobleskill Faculty in March 2022.