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Apply for Internships Abroad

The programs listed here are only available to SUNY Cobleskill students. If you are not a SUNY Cobleskill student, you may contact CISabroad and pursue an internship directly through www.cisabroad.com.

International internships require time and planning to arrange. The instructions below are designed to make the process as smooth and simple as possible to ensure a quality experience. Follow the timeline below and you will soon be on your way to an incredible international internship experience.

Please note: SUNY Cobleskill works closely with CISabroad for the application and placement process. You will apply and pay all program fees directly to CISabroad. You will pay your tuition/fees for your internship to SUNY Cobleskill.


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6 or more months before start of internship:

  1. Review the internship resources from the Center for Career Development. Meet with your academic and internship advisors to determine your eligibility for an internship and complete SUNY Cobleskill Eligibility Application. Submit one copy to the Office of International Education.
  2. Meet with the study abroad coordinator to discuss programs, costs, financial aid, and scholarship options.  
  3. Contact CISabroad to discuss the feasibility of your desired internship in the country of your choice.
  4. Refer to this link for your specific major’s internship requirements and deadlines.


3–6 months before start of internship:

  1. Complete theCISabroad Online Internship Application to begin the application process.
  2. After completing the CISabroad application you will be contacted for an interview with a CISabroad staff member to discuss your interests, skills, and internship expectations/possibilities. Review the Internship Student Learning Outcomes on the Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) for your major to prepare for the interview.
  3. Submit a $200 application deposit to CISabroad. This is NOT an extra fee, but a deposit applied toward the total program fee.
  4. Submit the following documents to CISabroad to complete your  Intern Abroad Application Checklist. Please note that CISabroad needs a COMPLETE application 90 days prior to the start month of your program in order to make an acceptance:
         - Applicant Profile
         - Approval Contact Form
         - Internship Questionnaire
         - Current Resume
         - Official Transcript from SUNY Cobleskill
         - Optional Scholarship Application
         - Program-Specific Materials
          - copy of passport as soon as the applicant has one


At LEAST 2–3 months before start of internship:

  1. Complete a Skype or phone interview with the CISabroad overseas-based placement team to determine what type of internship site may be the best match.
  2. Wait for an acceptance decision from CISabroad! Once accepted, you will be sent an online pre-departure orientation packet with more information about the program and the matching process.
  3. Financial Aid: If you are planning to use financial aid to fund all or part of your internship costs you will need to complete the CISabroad Financial Aid forms in your orientation packet. Here is a sample of how to complete these forms. If you have questions, contact Study Abroad Coordinator or CISabroad. 
  4. Submit the $500 internship deposit to CISabroad within 2 weeks of acceptance.  Again, this is NOT an extra fee, but a deposit applied toward your total program fee. (This fee is nonrefundable.) The matching process will then begin and you may be contacted for a phone or Skype interview with possible supervisors in the host country.


1 month before start of internship:

  1. You will be notified of your internship site and given your internship confirmation guide. Use this guide to complete your ILA and have it approved/signed by your faculty internship supervisor. Submit the ILA to your school secretary.
  2. Sign and return the internship confirmation guide and a copy of your ILA to CISabroad. CISabroad will send your ILA to your site supervisor for signature and return.
  3. Begin packing and complete the CISabroad Online Pre-departure Orientation.
  4. Get ready to depart and begin your internship. Interns will be greeted at the airport by a local staff member to start their adventure!