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Internships Abroad FAQs

The programs listed here are only available to SUNY Cobleskill students. If you are not a SUNY Cobleskill student, you may contact CISabroad and pursue an internship directly through www.cisabroad.com.

What’s included?

Intern abroad programs are very similar to study abroad programs in terms of what is included. However, instead of going to class (which you may still do as part of an international internship program, typically language classes), you will go to work. The internship program package includes:


Why pay to intern abroad?

It might go against common conception to pay to work for somebody else, but there's so much more to an international internship program than just the work experience. Since these intern abroad programs are similar to study abroad programs, you get all the great services from CISabroad that help you make the most of your time overseas: pre-departure assistance,
housing, internship placement, on-site support, orientation, and at least some tours/excursions/cultural activities.

When you pay to intern abroad, you're paying for hours and hours of time to have everything arranged on your behalf. If you have the time, you could potentially plan most things on your own; however, if you decide to go it alone, finding the perfect internship placement within your field of choice and considering your personal and professional interests will be very difficult, and securing housing on your own in another country is not always easy. Fortunately, CISabroad has years of experience and tons of contacts in each of our intern abroad program locations, so we know where to go to find you the perfect internship arrangment.


Who is CISabroad?

CISabroad started in 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then they have sent over 5,000 students from over 500 U.S. universities on study and intern abroad programs. CISabroad offers SUNY Cobleskill students internship programs in ten countries and is committed to giving students affordable, fully supported, culturally immersive, and academically relevant programs.


What types of internships are available?

International internships are available for the following majors:

Visit the website and then choose your field of study from the drop down menu to find information on possible placements.

Your experience, skills, and career interests are the key factors for determining a suitable internship site. If CISabroad is unable to accommodate your desired field, you simply won’t be accepted into the program. This is not a reflection on you as a candidate, but the limitations of
CISabroad’s connections or local laws in the host country. The worst thing that could happen would be to send you abroad for an experience that doesn’t help advance your degree or career path! However, once you are officially accepted into the program, it is guaranteed that CISabroad will match you with an organization that meets your expressed interests.

It is likely that you will be placed in a smaller organization so that you will be able to observe many aspects of the day-to-day operations of the internship’s site. We know you aren’t travelling across the world to fetch coffee or sharpen pencils (which can often happen in large businesses), so we guarantee you’ll be matched with an internship host that will provide you
with a stimulating and engaging experience.


Are these internships paid?

We do not offer paid internships abroad—that's both a tricky consideration due to visa regulations, and compensation often times justifies less qualified work that's unrelated to your studies. The most common types of paid placements you can find for a short duration overseas are relatively unskilled. Instead, we offer exceptional, practical, and academically related internships so you can more easily land your dream job at home or abroad after successful completion of your internship.


What is my next step?

After reviewing the international internship information on the study abroad website, make an appointment with Andrew Lucas in International Education at SUNY Cobleskill to discuss your options. You should verify that you are eligible for an internship with your academic and internship advisors prior to this meeting. It’s a good idea to begin considering your options at least six months before you intend to intern abroad, and for capstone internships this means during your junior year. You can review the application timeline here. If you are having trouble figuring out which internship location is right for you, you can also contact cisadvisor@cisabroad.com for additional advice on various CISabroad internship destinations.