Resources & Process for Reporting Sexual Violence

Please follow these instructions if a student or employee tells you that they have experienced Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault/Rape, Dating/Domestic Violence or Stalking.

What to Do If Someone Tells You They Have Experienced
Sexual Violence

Who Needs to Report?

All SUNY Cobleskill employees, including student employees, and students in campus leadership roles must report incidents to Lynn Berger, Director, Human Resources and Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator, 518-255-5465, Knapp Hall 123, bergerla@cobleskill.edu.

Exceptions to reporting are made for employees who operate under statutorily protected confidentiality (i.e. licensed health and counseling staff in the Wellness Center, and the Employee Assistance Program Coordinator).

Why You Need to Report

Resources and Reporting Options