Student Leader Training

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Process for Scheduling Title IX/129-B Training for Student Leaders

SUNY’s policy for the training of student leaders, officers of registered/recognized student organizations, and student-athletes states, “SUNY State-operated and community colleges will require that student leaders and officers of registered/recognized student organizations and those seeking recognition complete training on domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking prevention as part of the approval process and require student-athletes to complete training in domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking prior to participating in intercollegiate athletics.”

In order to meet that obligation, the Title IX Coordinator, Lynn Berger, will conduct group training sessions for these individuals and organizations on an ongoing basis.  The bulk of the training sessions will occur in August-October and January-February.

The following designated individuals are responsible for scheduling training for their area of responsibility and ensuring attendance and compliance.

Students who are unable to attend their designated training date are expected to attend the next available training session. It must be emphasized that this training is required annually.

Students who attend training for one organization (example: an RA) are not expected to attend duplicate training sessions that academic year (example: if they are also an athlete).