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Compliments, Suggestions or Complaints

The New York State University Police at SUNY Cobleskill invite public comment and information on our daily operations. Working together, we can utilize your feedback to provide the greatest level of professional services we can to our community.

You have many options to communicate with us, including using the electronic form below, calling our station, emailing us, sending us regular mail, or by coming to our station in person. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

You can call us at 518-255-5317.

You can email Chief Bialkowski at bialkort@cobleskill.edu.

You can send mail to the Chief or come see us in person at:

SUNY Cobleskill Johnson Hall 137 West Main Street Cobleskill NY.

Whether you wish to make a suggestion about our services or operations, compliment an officer or our agency on the great things we do, or make a complaint about our agency or one of our officers if we did not meet your expectations, your feedback is important to us as we strive for continued excellence. We take all feedback seriously, and we appreciate you taking the time to communicate with us.

The form below can be used to:


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