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Gianni M.

“As a parent it goes without saying that I care about providing my child the best possible environment to learn and grow.  My son Angelo has been with the Center since he was a toddler (now 6) and everyone associated with the Center has helped my son grow in one way or another.  I know my son is in great hands when he's at the facility and as a parent that's important as it allows me to be stress free when I am away from him.  The most important part is that my son Angelo looks forward to going there, to not only spend time with his friends but to see all the adults that he's grown so fond of. Thank you for everything all of you do and continue to do.”    

The Swenson Family

"Our family has been sending our children to the Center for six years and still have one at the Center. Leaving a child, especially a baby with people you don't know at first is probably the most difficult thing a parent can ever do. We brought our first son Gavin to the Center Infant Room and left him with essential strangers. Since then, those very strangers have become good friends and we would not feel more comfortable leaving our children anywhere else. When our second son Finn came into this world, he had a very difficult start to life and spent a month at the Albany NICU, yet another top notch child care facility. We were sent home with a medical grade heart monitor and the following months were challenging. After a few months with us, it was time to take him to the Centers Infant Room. At this point he still had a heart monitor, yet the Center took him in and again gave him the best care of child that a parent could ask for. His teacher Miss Melissa, who we had known at this point for some time; put all our concerns at ease, we knew he was in the best hands. To future Center family, your children will be in the kindest, most professional hands, we assure you." -The Swenson Family

Preschool Family

“Having a child and attending school is hard enough, thankfully I didn’t have to worry about my son as I knew he was getting all the care and attention he needed and more. 
The administrative team really worked with my class schedule, even went out of their way by waiting for us to get off the public bus to bring my son to his class so I can make it in time for mine.

My son started in Tiny Tots and I was very nervous since he was so clingy at his previous child care; he would always have trouble at drop-off. But during orientation at CCCCC, he was so excited to play in the classroom, he ran straight in and didn’t look back. He’s now in the preschool classroom and still just as excited to start his day.

There are so many great things to say about Cobleskill Campus Child Care Center, one that really touches me is my son’s relationship with his teachers and the administrative team. My son will run right into the office and not feel out place but will be welcomed instead. I don’t remember having that kind of positive interaction with authority figures at his age and I’m so glad he’s able to.

In all honesty, this is truly the best child care program I have seen. Everything is dedicated to the children, creating a YES environment. My favorite is the little toilets and hand washing stations, seeing the kids proud of their independence is a real treat.

I owe all of my sons’ accomplishments to his teachers. They have worked with him on how to regulate his emotions and I see him practice it at home. His writing skills has improved 10x since the school year started and he’s able to sound out words with techniques he learned in class.

I dread the day my son will no longer attend CCCCC. I love you all dearly, thank you so for everything.”

Jen Frost Assistant Director

“We’re like a family. We see these children grow from infants to twelve year olds. We have been with them for twelve years of their lives. The children are excited to see us, and we are excited to see them”

Cassandra Flower

“Because of the CCCCC. I have been able to grow as a teacher while learning as a student. The experience I have gained here allows me to graduate with my Early Childhood Degree prepared.” 

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