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Coby Late Night

What is there to do on the weekends?

On Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm-1am, you can find Bouck Hall buzzing with students engaging in alcohol-free, student-centered activities.  This includes the expanded use of the Aquatics Center,  recreation events, crafts, free food, game nights, and hosting late night movies.  Twisted Whiskers is open to provide a late night food option.  This collaborative approach teams together Cobleskill Auxiliary Services, Student Life and the Department of Sport and Exercise. 


Coby Late Night Goals

  1. Create a safe place for students to gather and build a sense of community during late night hours in Bouck Hall.
  2. Establish late night programming as part of our campus culture.
  3. Develop new and creative programs that broaden the experiences of students.
  4. Build excitement on campus in order to build a stronger SUNY Cobleskill community.
  5. Collaborate with students, student clubs and organizations, faculty, staff and other university departments, and encourage all of these groups to share special areas of expertise and talent.
  6. Encourage student involvement and leadership.