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Construction Policy

The purpose of this policy is to have Facilities Management review and approve construction project requests and equipment orders in order that such issues as data and telephone access, HVAC, fire safety, ADA, and other compliance issues are addressed, and that any facility modifications, etc, are consistent with the campus’ strategic plan and budget. Therefore, all departments and/offices, including the Day Care Center and Cobleskill Auxiliary Services, are required to process construction project requests by filling out the Project Request Form and using the following process.

Supervisors will first forward such requests to their dean, director, or vice president. The dean, director or vice president will then forward such requests to Facilities Management for review and approval. Department heads and directors should submit anticipated projects along with their annual budgets so that these projects can be properly reviewed by Facilities Management and scheduled during the upcoming fiscal year. Where necessary, projects must be reviewed by the Facilities and Space Committee.

Items that require review by Facilities Management are:

Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact Joe Batchelder.