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Facilities Management Overview

How May We Help You?

The following guide is designed to assist you in directing your questions and concerns. If you are not sure who to contact, please contact Joanne Lane at 518-255-5228 or lanejf@cobleskill.edu. She will be happy to assist you!

If you would like to set up a meeting with a Facilities Management staff member, feel free to find them in our staff directory to contact them directly or contact Joanne Lane at 518-255-5228 or lanejf@cobleskill.edu.

You can also visit us in the Mackey Service Building.

Building Modifications: Murphy/Quinn
New Construction: Quinn
Physical Space Inventory: Quinn
Planning: Quinn
Renovations: Murphy/Quinn

Questions/Concerns: Tefft / Loder

Energy Management: Dilallo

Chemical Spill: Johnson
Fire Drills: Johnson
Injury Reports: Johnson
MSDS's: Johnson
Right-to Know: Johnson
Fuel Credit Card: Lane/Loder
Fueling: Lane/Loder
License Events Notification Form (LENS): Lane
Policies and Procedures: Loder
Travel Orders: Lane
Vehicle Packets/Keys: Lane
Vehicle Repair: DeJong
Vehicle Reservations: Lane
Garbage Pickup: DeJong

Ideas/Questions/Concerns: DeJong
Recycling: DeJong

Room/Building Keys: Lane

Commuter Student Mailbox: Mailroom/Loder
Mail Pickup and Delivery Schedule: Mailroom/Loder
Mail Services for Students: Mailroom/Loder
Student Mailbox Key - Lost/Returning: Mailroom/Loder
Equipment Transfers: Loder
Inventory: Loder 
Policies and Procedures: Loder
 Questions/Concerns: DeJong/Loder
FedEx: Warehouse/Loder
UPS: Warehouse/Loder
Delivery Information: Warehouse/Loder
Capital Crew: Murphy
Carpenter Shop: Rohde
Dorm Maintenance: Rohde
Electrical Shop: Rohde
Grounds: DeJong
HVAC: Palmatier
Keys: Lane
Maintenance: Rohde
Movers: DeJong
Paint Shop: Rohde
Plumbing Shop: Rohde
Questions/Concerns: Lane
Vehicle Shop: DeJong
Questions/Concerns: Lane