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Vehicle Reservation Procedure

For liability and cost effectiveness reasons, the campus is requiring all faculty and staff to use the campus fleet vehicles for traveling on official state business.  If a state vehicle is not available, the employee must request permission to use their personal vehicle and be reimbursed for mileage.  Please refer to Attachment 1- Liability Exposure While Driving on SUNY Business which addresses various driving scenarios that can occur, including driving a personal vehicle, driving a State vehicle, and driving a rental vehicle.

Only SUNY Cobleskill employees or approved volunteers over 18 with a valid driver’s license who meet the program requirements are eligible to drive fleet vehicles.  Only state employees or approved volunteers are permitted as passengers in fleet vehicles.

All drivers who plan on driving any campus vehicle or leased vehicles as part of college business must complete the License Event Notification (LENS) program. This registration must occur before they are given permission to use state vehicles. Please contact UPD for guidance regarding the LENS registration.

A vehicle reservation (once you have been LENS registered) can be made by going into SharePoint and clicking on the “Vehicle Reservation” tab.  When you get to the “Calendar of Vehicle Reservations” and “Reservation Requests”, click on “new” and make your request.  Please call 518-255-5228 if you have any questions.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all travelers of the guidelines that are in place for the use of campus vehicles.

  1. Campus cars are available for traveling on official business only. Assignment of vehicles shall be made on the following basis:
    1. First priority shall be given to the use of vehicles for student recruitment.  In order to qualify for first priority, Admissions Office personnel must submit their vehicle requests for each semester to the Facilities Management Department before the start of the semester.
    2. After recruitment needs are met, vehicle assignments will be made in the order in which requests are submitted to the Facilities Management Department.
  2. Signed travel orders must be on file with the Facilities Management Department before keys will be handed out. Travel orders must be submitted at least five working days in advance of the date of travel, but no earlier than 90 days before the date needed.  Out-of-state travel or travel in excess of 200 miles one way must be signed for by the appropriate vice president in addition to the department supervisor.  Trips of less than 50 miles may get bumped for trips of longer distances.
  3. Car keys and vehicle packets can be picked up at the Facilities Management Department between 8 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Arrangements for keys and packet pick‑up after hours and weekends will be coordinated through the University Police staff by calling 518-255-5317. Keys and packets will be available only for the times listed on the travel order and will not be handed out before the time of travel.
  4. Upon return, the ignition key, trip report slip, gasoline charge receipt and registration packet must be returned to the Facilities Management Department. When returning after 4:00 p.m., drop the keys and vehicle packet in the mailbox outside of the mechanic’s door of the facilities building located near the gas pumps with the dome roof. This procedure makes the car available for others who may find it necessary to use the car prior to the opening of the Facilities Office.  It is important that the traveler return the vehicle in reasonably clean condition.

    All difficulties with the vehicle, however slight, should be reported on the trip report immediately upon your return.
  5. Students are permitted to operate State vehicles provided the employee requesting a student driver notifies the University Police Office of the name(s) of the intended driver(s) at least three working days prior to the trip. Authorization for each student driver will be granted in writing.  Student must be accompanied by a campus employee on all trips.


Important Information


Use of Vans

  1. All drivers of 12 and 15 passenger vans per the campus policy must complete the Van Driver Training Program before they can drive 12 or 15 passenger vans. For training dates and time table please call UPD (Kenneth Hammond, Coordinator of Van Safety Training Program).

  2. Academic programs will have priority for use of vans.

  3. All others will be assigned vans on a first come, first served basis.

Additionally, to help keep vehicles available for the needs of everyone, vehicles and/or keys will be given to travelers only on the dates and times of travel that are listed on the approved travel order.  Vehicle reservations should be made only for the specific dates of travel needed and are not allowed for over-nights or weekends when the traveler is not on official campus business.



The campus purchases gas for our campus pumps at NYS contract prices and as such all vehicle gas tanks must be filled on campus prior to leaving.  It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure the tank is filled on campus. The campus pumps are available 24 hours a day and are conveniently located on campus next to Facilities Management Department. These pumps can be accessed using the green FLEET-KEY which is included in the vehicle packet. 

Please be aware of the following important state and campus requirements prior to using the vehicle credit card: 

Fueling instructions are available in the orange Fleet Vehicle Information flyer in the vehicle packet.


Breakdown Procedures

In the event of a mechanical failure, please contact the Facilities Management Department at 518-255-5228 for instructions.

If a problem occurs outside office hours, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is secured in a safe area while waiting for further instructions.


Accident Reporting

Call for medical assistance immediately if an accident results in any injuries.

Notify the proper law enforcement agency for ALL incidents involving a fleet vehicle.

An accident report must be completed at the scene by a law enforcement officer and forwarded to the college Business Office. 


If you have any questions on travel procedures, please call the Facilities Management Department at 518-255-5228.  Questions regarding reimbursement for mileage, travel expenses, or accident reports should be directed to the Business Office at 518-255-5637.



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