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About College in High School Program

Initiated in 1993, the College in High School Program has expanded to include over 25 course offerings encompassing six academic disciplines within thirteen secondary schools primarily in the rural Schoharie and Otsego County areas.

Students participating in this program register with SUNY Cobleskill at their respective high schools at a reduced rate of $50.00 per credit hour ($100 for a two-credit course; $150 for three credits and $200 for four credits). Consideration will be given by the college for any student demonstrating financial hardship (as verified by the high school guidance department). Successful completion of the course requirements entitles the student to receive college credit from SUNY Cobleskill. Credits obtained through this program provide students with advanced standing at SUNY Cobleskill and are eligible for transfer to other colleges and universities. This program enables high school students to experience college-level rigor while concurrently offering them an academic challenge during their senior year.

Student Eligibility

High school seniors (and juniors in good standing) become eligible and are accepted into the program upon the recommendation of their respective high schools – guidance counselor, principal and teachers. Participating students will complete the same course requirements as those taking the college course on campus.

College Advisors

Each participating School within SUNY Cobleskill has a regular staff member to serve as a college advisor (department chair or designee) for the respective courses. This college advisor has the responsibility of calling a meeting of the teachers each semester to exchange views on the progress of the courses sponsored by the department. (This will be a coordinated effort within the respective departments within the college). Each college advisor is expected to visit a regular classroom session, to observe the performance of the students enrolled in the respective course, the quality of the teaching, and the use of instructional materials and other resources.

Faculty Instructors

Courses available through the College in High School Program are taught by high school teachers at the students' respective schools. Each instructor has been accepted by the college as a part-time (adjunct) professor. Their qualifications and course of study have been approved by the college. 

Registration Process

Registration for the College in High School Program takes place at the respective high school within two weeks from the beginning of the high school year or within two weeks following the beginning of the semester for a spring semester course. See the CIHS Academic Calendar

In order to receive SUNY Cobleskill College credit, each student, with the assistance of the high school instructor, must complete a SUNY Cobleskill College in High School Program Application for Admission. Students must also obtain parental permission.

The high school will collect $50.00 per credit hour, per course, per student. The school district will issue one check for the course (payable to SUNY Cobleskill) and forward to the Registrar's Office. The instructor will also submit a completed list of registration forms to the Registrar.