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Receiving/Transferring Credit

A student enrolled in a College in High School (CIHS) course simultaneously will earn high school credit and college credit. The students' high school grade and credit will appear on his/her high school report card/transcript. The college grade and credit will appear on a SUNY Cobleskill transcript.

At the conclusion of each course, the instructor will submit all student final grades to the respective high school guidance department where the grade will appear on the student's high school report card and high school transcript. The instructor will also submit the final grades to the Registrar's Office at SUNY Cobleskill.

Students must fill out the following form: Transcript Request

Many colleges, especially those within the SUNY system, will accept SUNY Cobleskill credit earned while enrolled in CIHS courses. Since policies vary from college to college and depending on the selectivity of the prospective college, students are advised to contact the respective department chair or college Registrar of the college to which they are applying to inquire about their policies.