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CIHS Tuition

Tuition for SUNY Cobleskill College in High School courses is $50.00 per credit hour, ($100 for a two-credit course; $150 for three credits and $200 for four credits). This is a reduced rate from the $245.00 per credit hour for students who take classes on campus. Tuition is due upon registration with the respective high school. Receipts for tuition payment should be provided by the home school.

Students participating in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program may be eligible for reduced tuition. Scholarships to assist students with tuition also may be available through respective high schools.


College Refund Policy

The refund schedule is outlined below and begins October 1st for fall and school year courses, and March 1st for spring courses. In order to obtain a refund, the high school instructor must e-mail the Assistant Registrar with the name of the student and the date of withdrawal.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Withdrawal During:

1st week

2nd week

3rd week

4th week

5th week or later

Amount of Refund:






Course Withdrawal

High school students in the College in High School Program may withdraw or be withdrawn without penalty up to the last day of the course. Students will receive a final grade of "W." The high school instructor must email the Assistant Registrar.