Fake Hall

Fake/Ten Eyck Complex


Fake Hall is one of our four Freshmen Year Experience lifestyle buildings.  In the Freshmen Year Experience, first-year students are housed together to create a supportive environment for these new students to transition to college life.


Fake Hall is a five story buildings set up in a corridor style with separate bathrooms for males and females.  The building contains a main TV lounge that is bigger for larger group activities or multiple small group activities.  In addition each floor contains smaller lounges for floor residents. Fake Hall also has a kitchen available for student use. 

Room Styles

Room Tour


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Fake Staff

Fake Hall Staff

Back Row L-R: Joshua Kline, Steven Clavien, RD Caitlin Briggs, Marquise Mack, Ethan Edobor
Front Row L-R: Kayla Lugo, Melanie Mendoza, Angelica Armlin-Sorgen, Jessica McLaughlin, Haley Ryszka


The Director of Fake Hall is Caitlin Briggs.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Caitlin at briggscn@cobleskill.edu or by phone (518) 255-5181.