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Frequently Asked Questions

What transportation is available for referrals and local pharmacies?

Transportation to Cobleskill Regional Hospital, local physician's offices or pharmacies include taxi service, public bus transportation, a friend or by walking.  Students sent from campus to a local Emergency Department by a campus official are encouraged to find a friend or family member to return them to campus upon discharge.  In addition, Schoharie County Public Transportation buses make regular stops at the Knapp Hall Circle each day.  they will pick up riders at nearby locations when requested to do so and make stops at the Cobleskill Regional Hospital.  The trip takes approximately fifteen minutes.

How far away is the local hospital/pharmacy?

All are within two miles of campus. The CVS Pharmacy is located on Main Street, just before McDonald's. Price Chopper grocery store has a pharmacy, as does Wal-Mart.

Do I have to make an appointment to be seen in the Wellness Center?

Yes, we are an appointment based clinic. Call the Wellness Center at (518)255-5225 and speak to the receptionist to schedule an appointment.

Do I have to pay for my visit?

Information regarding Wellness Center fees can be found on our Fees page. If we send specimen or referrals for further care, you may be charged, which your health insurance may cover.

Do you do dental procedures?

No we do not, however, we can refer you to a local dentist. 

How do I stop smoking?

A Smoking Cessation Counseling appointment can be scheduled with a Registered Nurse/Health Educator here at the Wellness Center by calling 518-255-5225.  

Can I get a physical exam at the Wellness Center?

Yes, by appointment: call 518-255-5225 

Do you do HIV testing?

Yes, we do confidential rapid HIV testing.

Do you give allergy injections?


Does the Wellness Center loan equipment, such as crutches and wheelchairs?

The Wellness Center does have some basic medical equipment, such as crutches, for purchase. These devices are charged to the student account. The Wellness Center does not have equipment such as wheelchairs available. The Schoharie County Office of the Aging does have a limited supply of items, however the availability of these items can vary. They can be contacted at (518) 296-2001.

Students who are entering SUNY Cobleskill and have specific needs should bring any necessary equipment and supplies with them. Please contact the AccessABILITY Resources office at 518-255-5282 for any additional assistance you require. 

What can I do if I'm unhappy with my life?

Everyone is unhappy at one time or another. It is important to reach out to others and talk about what is bothering you. Speaking to a professional counselor can help you identify specific negative thinking patterns that can cause serious depression. A counselor can also help you develop a self-care plan. Contact us at 518-255-5225 to make an appointment.

How can I handle stress better so my GPA doesn't suffer?

Everyone experiences stress. Too much stress can lead to health, emotional, or academic problems. The key to stress management is identifying your signs of stress and then figuring out what strategies work best for you. That is, how do you reduce your stress without creating more? Various stress management techniques can be learned in counseling, such as: guided imagery, muscle relaxation, meditation, time management, and more. We can help you develop an individual stress management profile. Call 518-255-5225 for a counseling appointment.

Can you help me sleep better?

Sleep disturbances are quite common among the college population. Multiple factors influence your sleep patterns, such as diet, exercise, stress levels, routines, physical and mental health, relationships and your living environment. If you have sleep problems, take a look at each of these factors in your life and consider making changes to balance out your lifestyle. For more information on how to solve a sleep problem, make an appointment with a medical provider or counselor at the Wellness Center 518-255-5225.

How can I feel better about myself?

College is a time for clarifying purpose in life and achieving self-confidence. These efforts can be challenged by past experiences that have lowered your self-esteem. Counseling can help you deal with past experiences by minimizing the impact of these events on your present and future goals.  Call 518-255-5225 to make an appointment.

Can I get information on alcohol and other drugs?

Counselors are available to assist students with questions or concerns they have about alcohol or other drugs. We can offer help for students or make suggestions on how to intervene with a family member or friend you may be concerned about. We can also provide student referrals to the Schoharie County Chemical Dependency Clinic for specialized treatment, group counseling, and AA meetings.