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Final Grades

All students will receive a grade for all courses in which they are officially enrolled.

The following list of grades are recommended ranges which are associated with grades for graduation or transfer credit purposes. Each faculty member will list specific grading policies for their courses in the course outline for each course. Letter grades and their points are as follows:


Letter Grade

Grade Points


A 4.00 92.1 or higher
A- 3.67 89.5 - 92.0
B+ 3.33 86.9 - 89.4
B 3.00 82.1 - 86.8
B- 2.67 79.5 - 82.0
C+ 2.33 76.9 - 79.4
C 2.00 72.1 - 76.8
C- 1.67 69.5 - 72.0
D+ 1.33 66.9 - 69.4
D 1.0 59.5 - 66.8
F 0 Less than 59.5 (Fail)
W 0 Withdrawal
I 0 Incomplete
S 0 Satisfactory
U 0 Unsatisfactory
NP 0 Grade not posted by instructor


An * next to the final grade indicates a developmental course. These courses do not carry any grade points or credits for calculation.


How to Access Final Grades

  1. Login to Banner Web
  2. Enter your SUNY Cobleskill ID Number (the nine-digit number that begins with "8"). In the next field enter your PIN number. Click on ‘Login’.
  3. At the Main Menu, click on ‘Student’
  4. At the Student Services screen, click on ‘Student Records’
  5. Locate and click on ‘Final Grades’. Be sure that the correct term is displayed. Click ‘Submit’. Scroll down to view your final grades.
  6. When you are done, be sure to exit out of Banner Web for Students by clicking on the word ‘Exit’ 

Please remember that you will not be able to view your final grades if you have any outstanding obligations to the College. The areas whose holds will prevent you from viewing your final grades are: College Bookstore, Student Accounts; Telecommunications; Library; Cobleskill Auxiliary Services; Student Development; Physical Education Department; Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism Department; and any faculty member from whom equipment was borrowed and not returned.