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Accepting Your Award

Students must follow these simple directions to accept or decline their financial aid awards. Loans will not be disbursed unless they are accepted.

To begin, open BannerWeb, and then "Financial Aid Information."
Log in and follow the steps below to continue:


1. From the main menu, click on Award Offer and select the appropriate Award Year .

Award Offer


2. Scroll Down and any items that have a Select in the Take Action Box will give you the option to Accept, Decline or Modify the amount.  Once you have Selected any of the items click the Submit button to complete the process



9. It is very important that you address any Unsatisfied Requirements that appear on the Home screen. Financial Aid cannot be awarded until all requirements are satisfied.


You're all done! 

Please remember: No financial aid will be authorized until awards are accepted and all requirements are satisfied.
Questions? Contact the Financial Aid Office at 518-255-5623 or 800-295-8988.