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What to Bring




Because of seasonal climate changes in Upstate NY, you should bring lightweight and heavyweight clothing (or bring enough money to purchase clothing here in the U.S.) Temperatures in Cobleskill will begin dropping in late September, with the coldest months being December/January/February (0 degrees to -10 degrees Celsius). There are warmer days in May and September, and the summer can be hot. Most Cobleskill students wear casual clothes - usually jeans and sweatshirts in cooler weather and shorts and t-shirts in warmer weather. On a few occasions you may need some formal wear (internship interviews or special social events on campus). Here is a helpful checklist for clothing in Cobleskill:

Linens, Bedding and Room Furnishings

Residence Hall rooms on campus are furnished with an extra-twin long bed (39 inches wide by 80 inches long or 99.06 cm x 203.20 cm), a dresser, and a desk and desk chair. Each student has his/her closets. You must provide your own sheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforters, and towels. All these items can be purchased in Cobleskill.

You can also purchase linens online and have them delivered to SUNY Cobleskill in time for your arrival to the campus. Please provide a delivery date that is several days before your expected arrival. Please have linens delivered to the following address:

State University of New York Cobleskill
121 Schoharie Parkway North
Cobleskill, New York 12043

You may want to purchase a desk lamp or alarm clock as well. You can purchase these items at the local Wal-Mart or in Albany. Bus transportation is available.


Many students plan on bringing a laptop computer with them from home (please remember in the U.S. we use 110V and require two-flat pronged plugs). There is wired or wireless internet access in all of our residence halls. Wireless access to the Internet is also available in many areas around the campus.


Before coming to the SUNY Cobleskill, you should familiarize yourself with U.S. currency. For security purposes it is not advised to carry a lot of cash with you when traveling and living on campus. Credit cards can be used to pay for most purchases. Having some cash would be helpful when trying to get food before coming to campus or before the official meal plan begins.

Food from Home

If you have extra room in your suitcase, you may want to consider bringing some of your favorite pre-packaged foods (candies or cookies) from home. Perishable foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat are forbidden to enter the U.S.

International Calling Card

It is recommended that you purchase telephone calling cards that work anywhere in the U.S. when calling from the U.S. to overseas. 


Medical Information / Medications

Bring a list of medications translated into English, an extra copy of any prescriptions (in English) and a translated summary of any medical conditions.